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We’ve all been there – groggily rolling over, eyes half shut, grasping for a glass of water and thinking “how on earth did I get here?” A hangover is no one’s finest hour, sure, but it happens. And when it does, your appearance can really suffer for it. Not only will you feel generally gross, but your skin takes a serious beating. Luckily, there are products to fix what ails you. Here’s our hangover skincare routine.

Ok, first things first – drink a couple of pints of water. While they won’t immediately improve your appearance, they’ll prevent any further dehydration, likely relieving your headache and making you feel a little less spaced out.

Next, you’re going to want to clean yourself. Even if you did take off your makeup last night (and we’re sure you did, you skincare angel) it’s unlikely you’ll have done the most thorough job you could have. Get yourself a nice hot flannel and a gentle, hydrating cleanser and get to work. We love the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, which is as gentle as it is effective, but the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser is a great dupe if you’re on a budget.

Because my skin tends to err on the side of congested, a morning face mask after a heavy night is highly recommended. If you really want to atone for your sins, go for the super intensive Aztec Secret mask mixed with apple cider vinegar, and feel your pores getting sucked clean. If you’re still feeling a little delicate, a more gentle (yet still highly effective) alternative is the Origins Original Skin Mask.

After you’re sure you’re deeply cleansed, you want to treat your skin with layers of moisture to make up for alcohol’s dehydrating effects. Start with a mist – the Heritage Stores Rosewater & Glycerin does everything its pricier counterparts do in terms of adding hydration.

On top, layer a vitamin C serum. This will boost brightness and clarity, while protecting skin from the day ahead. One I’ve been totally loving lately is the Garden of Wisdom Vitamin C 23% Serum. It reminds me of far pricier ones I’ve used, but costs around a tenner.

Once you’re vitamin C’d up, if you have time, treat yourself to a sheet mask. There’s honestly nothing more relaxing than laying back with a visual “do not disturb” sign over your face, just letting your skin have a nice long drink. By putting it over the serum, you’re sealing everything in, plus adding another layer of much-needed hydration. The TonyMoly Tea Tree Sheet Mask is soothing and cooling, plus halts any potential pimples in their stride.

For maximum impact, go over the top of your sheet mask with an ice roller. This will help make sure the mask is fully attached to all your facial nooks and crannies, plus it feels totally amazing on a puffy, irritated, hungover face. You can buy them from Amazon, or, if you have a jade roller, just keep it in the freezer overnight.

My final recommendation is a little off the skincare topic – but listen up. If you’re hungover and want to look like you aren’t, you can really get a noticeable difference through eye drops. I recently purchased the Lumify eye drops and was blown away by how bright and white they made my eyes look. Rohto also do some excellent ones, particularly if you need a refreshing zing of awakeness.

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