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The love of beauty is not always an affordable pursuit. Sometimes the most hyped and exciting products can come with a price tag that makes your eyes water. Luxury can seem almost unattainable, especially in the days before payday.

But there are beauty gems to be found and every price point. Drugstores and health food shops, along with the wonderful wasteland of the internet, are all filled with bargainous beauty product options. Here’s an edit of some of my favourite affordable launches.

Let’s start with lips. The new Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polishes have absolutely blown me away. If you’re looking for opaque, bright colour with an incredible high-shine finish, look no further. They feel comfortable on the lips, fade nicely, smell unobtrusive, and come in any shade you could possibly imagine, too.

If you want a less out-there look, though, I’ve also been absolutely obsessed with the Beauty Pie Lip Oils. These feel like a treatment, but have the high shine and light wash of color of a gloss. The pale pink is my favourite, but the set of three is the perfect everyday lip wardrobe.

I also have two new brow loves fresh from the drugstore. The Elf Wow Brow has been mentioned previously, so I won’t go on – but it’s essentially fluffy, fuzzy, textured brows in a tube. Slightly more fussy, but incredible in the longevity stakes, is the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Waterproof Gel. This is like a better version of Wunderbrow. You run the fibres through your eyebrows, brush with a spoolie, then enjoy volume and definition for hours (or even days) to come.

There have also been some top new launches in the budget skincare realm. The CeraVe SA Cleanser, long a favourite in the US, has finally made its way over here – and it’s well worth the wait. This cleanser feels as gentle as the rest of the range, with a gel consistency and minimal foam, but boy does it do a number on uneven skin texture and clogged pores.

Another new favorite is the Lanolips Face Base. For those who believed you needed to splash big bucks to get an intensively hydrating moisturizer, think again. This one feels thick and luxurious, spreads like butter and sinks in to leave a pleasingly dewy finish that works as well under makeup as it does overnight.

A brand which has been blowing me away recently is the Inkey List. They’re an ingredients driven skincare line which gives big results at low prices. To soothe my irritated winter skin, the Ceramide Night Treatment has been incredible to add moisture and strengthen the barrier. I also love their Brighten I Eye Cream for tired mornings, and their C-50 Blemish Night Treatment for when things go awry.

The drugstore has also been knocking it out of the park in terms of toners recently. The Nip & Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Essence Mist is my new perfect hydration layer to pack in extra moisture as the temperature outside drops. More surprise hits have come from Garnier. Their Argan Spray is basically the drugstore’s answer to the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist, while their Thyme Toner is refreshing and blemish-busting, yet gentle enough for use on dry skins, too. And if you fancy a Glossier dupe, check out their Micellar Milky Cleansing Water.

A budget launch roundup would be remiss to ignore the iconic Lush Snow Fairy Body Spray. It’s back, baby! And it’s as deliciously, sickly sweet as ever. This is my signature scent for the next two months, and I won’t hear a word of criticism.

Two final recs are in the hair department. L’Oréal Professional Tecni Art Morning After Dust has been the closest dupe for the eye-wateringly expensive Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray I’ve found – and it actually smells pretty similar, too. And the new L’Oréal Purple Shampoo has been doing God’s work in terms of banishing brass and keeping highlights bright, all for just a couple of quid.

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