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One of the biggest complaints in the makeup world is the fact that products don’t always last. And while a permanent makeup look is an unrealistic expectation, wear-time is still very much a concern. Finding long-wear products can be relatively easy, but often they manage their impressive longevity by being heavy, cake-y, and drying. Not so with our edit of the best wearing products for sweaty days and long nights.

If it’s so hot you’re concerned about makeup sliding, then you should be wearing an SPF. The Neutrogena ones are cheap and cheerful – but the best part is, they leave skin with a slightly tacky, grippy finish, so whatever you apply on top has something to hold on to. The Age Shield Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF offers maximum protection.

If it’s night, you may not want to wear an SPF, as they can cause flashback in photos. If that’s the case, the Original Lotil moisturiser offers a similarly grippy finish. If you want to look more dewy but still need to up your makeups wear time, the Too Faced Hangover Primer will be your BFF.

Many long-wear base products suffer from being dry and looking heavy. If you, like me, favour a sheeny, glow-y complexion, go instead for the MAC Face & Body Foundation. This is a truly weird but wonderful product, because as you rub it in, you’ll feel it start to firm up and set. It never looks overly done, though, and is basically an imperceptible yet buildable coverage.

However, sometimes a light wash of colour isn’t enough, and for serious situations, the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is a total godsend. If you need something covered completely, never to be seen until you remove your makeup once more, this is your guy.

For a long-lasting blush, I think liquid is the way to go. I’ve never met a powder that becomes one with the skin in quite the same way. Sorry to be a broken record, but if you have no yet tried the Glossier Cloud Paints, then get on it. Beam is the perfect way to fake a tan for a pale girl, while Dusk is a soft contouring shade that suits any makeup look.

If you want something a little bit juicer, though, I’ve been obsessed with the Kosas Colour & Light Crèmes. They contain a matte creamy blush and a correspondingly toned dewy highlighter. Both feel soft and slippy to the touch, but once applied (fingers is best) melt into the skin and really stick around. Velvet Melon is a soft coral, while 8th Muse is a beautiful classic rose.

If you’re concerned about sweat, many people opt to skip the highlighter. Not I. I think leaning in to the shine is the best way to go. The Noto Botanics Hydra Highlighter is incredibly for this. It gives a natural shine in all the right places, and makes any makeup underneath look refreshed and dewy. It also comes in a stick, meaning you can top up as you go.

But if a dewy, oil based highlight is too much to handle, then you can fake the effect almost as well. The Nudestix Magnetic Nude Glimmer Highlighters give the effect of a glossy reflect, but actually set and stay put. The shade 24K gives a flattering gold sheen to cheekbones and eyelids alike.

While I love to shine like the sun, there are times when even I think things are a bit too much. With a few notable exceptions, I find powders too dull and chalky for what I aspire to. But the Rae Morris Invisible Mattifier is an ingenious alternative. It’s basically a pan full of matte finish silicone, so when dabbed over greasier areas, it mattes out shine. It can also be applied with fingers on the go, and is a total purse essential for when your makeup’s longevity may be called into question.

For eyes, you need a high-quality primer to ensure things stay put. The Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer is, I’m pretty convinced, the best. Speaking of the best, the Viseart Matte Eyeshadow Palettes certainly have the price tag to prove it. But having a couple of these in your arsenal basically means you can do any eyeshadow look, and these shadows truly last. To up your look, though, I am always pro glitter. The Stila Glimmer & Glow Liquid Shadows offer a wash of glitter that applies in second but lasts all night. Finish with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara and rest assured, your makeup will look exactly the same eight hours later.

For lips, I’m not really a fan of a long-wear matte. I just think they make everyone’s lips look smaller and drier. But a glossy stain, like MAC Versicolour Cream Lip Stain, I’m very into. These colours offer a juicy, hydrated finish but still stay put, no matter who you end up making out with.

Obviously, the key to long-wearing makeup really lies in setting. Spritz your face like there’s no tomorrow – the Tarte Shape Tape Stay Spray is a current favourite. And if you spot yourself looking a little worse for wear a few hours later, top up with the Clarins Re Fresh Spray. Et voila.

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