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There’s something strangely comforting about using baby products into adulthood. It feels like you’re being looked after, which, when everything is terrifying and out of your control is a real relief. Not only that, but it always feels like a safe choice. If it’s gentle enough to use on the purest of humans, it’s unlikely to cause a withered crone to come out in a rash, right?

A range I love (and not just when I’m feeling sensitive) is Weleda’s Calendula. My first reason for this is the scent – a combination of light florals and sweet almond. My second reason is the products. I love the Shampoo and Body Wash as both a shampoo and body wash – a strange rarity for a two in one product. It’s gentle but foams up nicely, leaving both skin and hair feeling clean and soft. The Calendula Face Cream is somehow both pleasingly thick and remarkably fast absorbing, leaving skin with a plump, sheeny glow. And for intense dry patches (or crusty, newly picked blemishes – sorry) the Calendula Nappy Cream does wonders. Apply a thick layer and leave overnight to maximise the speed of healing and minimise flakes.

Some baby-based classics are from drugstore stalwarts Johnson & Johnson. I’m talking their Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion and Baby Oil – big, clunky, satisfying pastel toned bottles available in every old corner store pharmacy across the country. The Shampoo is a great gentle choice for a hair wash, and also a wonderful hack for makeup brush washing. The Lotion is a great lightweight body moisturiser for when you need to put on clothes quickly, and is brilliant at removing heavy eye makeup. And the Oil is honestly second to none in terms of getting the closest possible leg shave – plus, it leaves you with and R&B video girl glow.

For a supremely babyish washing experience, look no further than the Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap. This is a true multitasker – it works as a shower gel, hand soap, shampoo, face wash, and can even be used as a dish soap, laundry detergent and toothpaste in a pinch. It feels thin and watery, but don’t be fooled – it suds up like no other, and leaves everything squeaky clean. It also comes in tons and scents, but the Baby version is pleasingly unscented.

Two final offbeat, non-glamourous choices: talcum powder and Sudocrem. Talc, although no longer au fait for use on the body post shower, still has a wide variety of uses. My top pick? Hair volumiser. Simply sprinkle into roots, massage thoroughly to avoid Halloween costume vibes, and enjoy a bouncy, full looking head of hair. It honestly rivals most dedicated hair products for a tiny fraction of the price. As for Sudocrem – although some experts advise against this, I love it on healing acne patches. If you’re fearful for use on the face, it’s also amazing on grazes, rashes, cuts, insect bites, chafing, and basically any skin irritation imaginable. You big baby!


Images: Daily Mail

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