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If there’s one almost universal beauty problem, it’s surely that of lacklustre lashes and brows. No matter how luscious and beautiful they may already be, there’s always potential for them to be even better. And the beauty industry has taken advantage of this desire. Never before have there been so many different ways to enhance your lashes and brows available to the average consumer. With so many different options, it can be confusing to decide exactly how to take your eye-hairs to the next level. Our breakdown of the different methods is here to help.


Dyeing your lashes and brows can really make a difference to their appearance. Many of us feel our lashes aren’t long or thick enough, but we actually have plenty of hairs that are just a little bit translucent. Dye can enhance every single hair, and allow you to make the most of what you have (semi) naturally.

A good beginner’s option is the Eyelure Dyebrow. It comes in a fully stocked kit, which means you can make one purchase and enjoy fuller looking lashes and brows in a matter of minutes. It’s also less opaque in colour, and less long-lasting than other options on the market, meaning if you make a mistake, you’re all good.

For those who consider themselves lash and brow dyeing connoisseurs, though, there’s Reflectocil. This stuff is what they use in some salons, meaning it is professional grade and offers intense results. Be warned though – it’s far easier to mess up – and has far longer-lasting consequences if you do. You can get it in a vast array of shades on Amazon.

Oils and Serums

Generally speaking, I’m sceptical of eyelash and eyebrow treatments you buy over the counter. In my experience, what they deliver isn’t any massive growth boost, but instead nourish the hairs and allow them to flourish to the best of their ability. You can achieve similar effects with castor oil.

However, if that sounds a bit too messy and annoying (because trust me, it is), I’d go for the DHC Eyelash Tonic. It’s similarly nourishing and moisturising (and can also be applied to brows) but comes in a handy tube with a spoolie. It’s also pretty affordable, where many lash and brow serums are certainly not.


The holy grail of at home lash ‘n’ brow growing is controversial product Latisse. Latisse is a brand name for an eye drop which treats glaucoma – but also has the side effect of massively stimulating hair growth. The active ingredient is Bimatoprost – although there’s some controversy surrounding using it near the eyes. Do your own research, but I have taken the risk – albeit only on the brows, as I’m too much of a wimp to apply too close to my peepers. If you’re interested, you can get a prescription online through a service called Dermatica.


Lash extensions are like the Greek tragedy of the beauty world. You get them, they look nice for a while, and then they go, and you’re in a worse position than before. They’re a vicious cycle. If you’re really wanting some for a special occasion, fine. But don’t become an addict if you want to keep hold of any lashes at all.


In recent years, getting your eyebrows tattooed on has gone from something insane sounding to a relatively everyday procedure. They can look surprisingly natural, and are great for those without much hair to speak of (and who therefore aren’t in the market for a dye). My issue? I just don’t really like the way they look. I prefer a textured, bushy brow, which can’t be achieved by simply drawing on the skin. But if it’s something you’re interested in, more power to you. You’re a braver human than I.

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