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There’s something about slightly warmer weather which just re-ignites our beauty flames. One ray of sunshine and suddenly it seems appropriate to have fun with makeup again. Spring has most definitely sprung – and with it, the joy of adding in brighter colours, sparklier finishes and an altogether more enjoyable vibe. Here are some easy and fun ways to spruce up your makeup look for spring.

Something I’ve been absolutely obsessed with lately is a colourful eyeliner wing. It’s a way to add a touch of colour to a look without ever looking too over the top. There are a few brands absolutely killing the scene, and I have several favourites.

The Make Up For Ever Artist pencils are incredible – and can also be used on lips and eyes for maximum versatility. The shade Whichever Coral makes for a stunning wing to spruce up a more neutral look, while Unlimited Blue is a perfect soft, duck-egg shade.

As with any colour products, MAC also come through with their Chromagraphic pencils. The stand out for me is the shade Landscape Green, which is a super-rich emerald. Smudged into the lash line it will make any eye color pop.

Marc Jacobs are also renowned for their incredible pencils, the Highliner Gel Eye crayons. They’re a little softer (and thus with more potential to transfer) but their glidiness and pigmentation is second to none. Lollipop, a neon pink, and Intro(Vert), a metallic teal, are the standouts.

If you’re on a tight budget though, I point you towards NYX. Their Glide On pencils give the pricier brands a run for their money. Green Gold is a perfect neutral-with-a-twist, while Jewel is a surprisingly flattering metallic mauve. I’m also a huge fan of their Off Tropic Pro Liners, particularly the warm, buttery yellow called Pineapple Punch.

If you’re more into shimmer than bright colors, I have two fantastic options. The Bodyography Glitter Pigments are among the easiest way to make an eye look more excited. Simply dab on with a finger for long lasting, super reflective sheen, in a range of stunning shades. The sheer silver, Halo, is a makeup bag workhorse.

For those who favour something more metallic, though, the Ellis Faas Lights Pens are truly something special. They paint on almost like a molten metal, then set and stay in place all day. Antique Silver is a stunning champagne, while Green Gold is a super unusual metallic chartreuse.

Slightly less exciting, but hugely important, nonetheless, is a good mascara. A reliable brand across the board is Tarte. Both their Maneater Mascara and Gifted Mascara offer incredible volume and depth of colour – and, all-importantly, won’t smudge under sweaty or humid conditions.

Speaking of sweat, I’ve found a moisturiser that truly keeps any base looking pretty perfect – and it’s around £6. The cult classic Lotil Cream has been saving my skin (quite literally) during hotter weather. It’s super hydrating, but also has a matte, grippy finish, allowing any base to look its best – and really last.

For cheeks, there’s nothing that says spring to me quite like the Nudestix Nudies Bronzed in Sunkissed. This is the exact shade of sunburn, but in the most cute and flattering way. Dab a little across the tops of cheeks and bridge of nose for a look that’s truly … well, Sunkissed!

Spring is the time for a glossy lip, and trust me when I say that there’s none better than the £2 Essence Shine Shine Shine Lip Gloss. These are a universally great formula, offering a high shine finish without ever feeling sticky. The shade range also means there’s something for everyone.

My last spring pick is the latest Margiela fragrance, Mutiny. I’m dangerously obsessed with the floral explosion this fragrance offers. Tuberose is particularly prevalent, and to me, a total warm weather classic. I’ll be spraying this liberally for the months to come.

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