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There’s little worst in life than feeling ill. Is it just me, or do you always forget quite how bad illness is until it hits? I’m always, quite frankly, shocked at how horrific a bit of extra snot can make me feel.

But as a full grown adult, illness can’t be enough to bring life to a standstill. We often have to carry on, even if we aren’t feeling 100%. And, as I always say: there’s a beauty product for that! Here’s an edit of the best beauty products for when you’re feeling sick.

Although it likely seems a mammoth task, washing will always make you feel at least a little more human. And it can be a surprisingly pleasant experience with the right products. The Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap in Peppermint is incredible if you’re feeling congested, plus the minty tingle will refresh a sweaty, feverish bod. For a softer, less intense vibe, the Weleda Wild Rose Body Wash will turn even the dingiest shower into a walk through a meadow.

I’ve recently got way into moisturizing my body. I know – at my big age. But there’s something about the pursuit of the most supple and glowing skin suit possible that is undeniably appealing. A fave during sickness and health is the Lavanila The Healthy Body Butter. The non-synthetic vanilla fragrance, plus the thick, unctuous texture make for a truly enjoyable post-shower experience.

I’m also a huge advocate for the healing powers of a face mask. If you’re ill, it’s likely you’re looking a little bit dull and drab, and the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Mask will have you glowing in mere moments. It also smells like a delicious tropical cocktail, and doesn’t feel too stingy or intense – perfect for when you’re feeling delicate.

Illness usually also leads to a need for extra moisture. Dry, flaky patches are a dead giveaway that all is not well with your immune system, after all. The Drunk Elephant Protini is a truly excellent all-rounder. It’s lightweight, with a gel-ish consistency, but is also supremely hydrating. It leaves skin feeling super smooth and soft, and works amazingly under makeup.

Wearing makeup when you’re sick can seem like a real slog. If that’s the case, might I suggest a tinted SPF? You need to be wearing a sunscreen anyway, and one which evens skin tones and minimizes the look of blemishes is a happy bonus. The SVR Sun Secure Tinted Mineral Sunscreen offers a surprising amount of coverage and lasting power, and gives you a bare-skin-but-better vibe.

Illness also has the distinctive ability to rob your face of any colour. For this, I recommend a multi-use product which can be applied with fingers. The Noto Botanics Multi Benne Stain  in Ono Ono is, put simply, perfect. The burnt orange shade looks incredible on eyes, lips, and cheeks, plus the slightly minty flavour offers a refreshing feel. Plus, it’s all-natural and from a woman-owned brand.

Another beauty product which I believe offers intrinsic healing powers? Glitter. If you can’t conceal the fact you’re feeling a bit dreadful, then you can at least deflect attention with sparkles. The Colourpop Pressed Glitters are surprisingly amazing (especially considering their diminutive price). If you’re not in the mood to go full Euphoria-glam, consider the more subtle Hourglass Scattered Light Eyeshadows for a wash of mood-enhancing sheen.

I’m also pretty sure than scent has healing powers. Wearing a perfume you love tends to make any day feel nicer, and it becomes even more essential when you’re under the weather. I’ve recently been loving the Mrs White’s Unstung Hero, which combines the delicious light scent of lemon green tea with a natural insect repellent. Because there’s nothing more miserable than being ill and having bug bites, right? For a more conventional “perfume,” my sick-day go-to is Commodity Book. The slightly sour sandalwood and cucumber blend is totally mouth-watering – and enough to cut through any amount of mucus.

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