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When it comes to makeup, things can get too serious, too fast. With the focus on imperceptible formulas, scientific innovation, and incredibly technical ingredients, you can do things with your makeup now we never would have thought possible in the past. While this sort of advanced style is exciting in its own way, though, there is a problem. More and more, we’re forgetting exactly what the point of makeup is – and that’s having fun.

Makeup should be, at its core, something that sparks joy. Sure, having the most perfect blend and longest lasting finish is undeniably a Good Thing – but there are also those occasions when you want your makeup to serve one purpose: making people smile. And for times like that, there are many excellent products on the market which are basically impossible to feel sad while wearing. Here are our favourites.

I have a theory that it’s basically impossible to feel down in the dumps when wearing glitter – and the Bodyography Glitter Pigments are a testament to that fact. They’re a cream to powder formula, which can be easily pressed onto eyelids with fingers to give a beautiful disco-ball finish. For glitter novices, the sheer sheen of the silver shade Halo is surprisingly subtle (for a glitter). But my personal favourite is the shade Flip Side, a neon chartreuse. If the emotion of excitement was distilled into makeup form, I think this would be it.

There’s another eye product which seems to be built entirely around having a great time, and those are the Ellis Faas Lights Pens. These have the appearance of molten metal – less particles of glitter, and more of an all-around reflective shine. I have the shades Antique Silver, Green Gold, and Holographic Bordeaux, and honestly, each is more beautiful than the last.

If you favour colour over shimmer, though, I point you towards the MAC Chromagraphic Pencils. These are clever because they can be used anywhere on the face – though I favour them as a graphic winged liner. The shades Landscape Green, Genuine Orange, and Primary Yellow are just what they sound like: bold, graphic shades that are, quite simply, joyful.

Milk Makeup is a brand that seems to favour fun as one of the core values, and I respect that. But there are a select few products which are particularly bonkers (and I mean that as a huge compliment). The Holographic Stick, a solid block of iridescent, glossy highlighter, is ingenious. I love the shades Luna, a blueish purple, and Stardust, a cool toned pink.

The Tattoo Stamp does what it says on the tin, essentially allowing you to draw graphic shapes with a single press. I favour the Star iteration, which makes for a surprisingly stunning effect when dotted once underneath each eye.

But for pure, unadulterated happiness, it’s hard to be the Milk Makeup Glitter Stick. Ever wanted a full ounce of iridescent glitter that can be scribbled anywhere on your body? How about if it also weirdly smelled like vanilla pudding? Well, now you can have it – and I think that’s a very good thing.

Speaking of glitter, I’d be remiss not the mention Lemonhead. All their products are fun with a capital F, but I think their Spacejam formulations are particularly joyful. Crystal Tokyo, and multicoloured metallic, and Seapunk a minty green, are among the best – although you won’t be disappointed with any.

Speaking of fun, let’s never forget the funnest of makeup items, the humble nail polish. A new (but intense) obsession of mine is the Essence The Gel Nail Colour. It’s a brilliant formula, comes in tons of amazing shades, and is unbelievably affordable. For fun, though, I recommend the shades Mr. Brightside (a sunny yellow), Forget The Rules (a day-glow chartreuse), and I Am What I Am (an unusual olive).

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