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Touted as the first dermatologist developed yet naturally derived skincare brand, Goldfaden MD most certainly means business. The products are designed to mimic in-office procedures in the comfort of your own bathroom, making them highly results focused. Yet navigating a website of such potent products (and, let’s face it, potent price tags, too) can be tricky. So here are five of my brand highlights.

Something I think anyone would enjoy is the Pure Start Gentle Detoxifying Facial Cleanser. While it can remove light makeup, that’s not really what it’s designed for. It works better as a “treatment cleanser” – that is to say, one which interacts with bare skin. It lightly foams and leaves skin feeling extremely cleansed and fresh, though not overly dry. I love it in the morning, because it smooths texture, energizes skin, and sort of primes the face for the next skincare steps. It also smells fantastic – so fresh and so clean.

Another product that would work well on all skin types is the Solution Skin Balancing Mask. The key word here is “balancing” – meaning it works well both on dry areas and oily or congested areas, to restore face to the much sought after middle way. It also gives skin an actual, noticeable glow and minimizes pores thanks to malic acid and fruit enzymes.

More suited to those who suffer from some pesky blemishes is the Facial Detox Clarify & Clear Mask. This is a clay mask turned up to eleven – it uses sulphur, camphor and zinc oxide to treat existing pimples and help prevent new ones being formed. Unlike some clay masks, which can be irritating when applied over active breakouts, I’ve found this to be that hard to find combination of soothing and treating. It can also be used as a spot treatment, so the tub can go a long way.

If you’ve heard of Goldfaden MD before, it was likely in reference to their cult classic Doctor’s Scrub. It’s designed to be an at home microdermabrasion treatment, using actual ruby crystals as the scrubby particles. It can be used daily and by all skin types, and is one of the most satisfying skincare products I’ve ever used. Skin literally feels like a baby’s butt afterwards.

And for the more hard-core amongst you, you may want to venture towards the Doctor’s Scrub Advanced. While the regular scrub is a traditional paste, this is more of a slightly damp powder that can be mixed with water to the desired consistency. This is more of a weekly treatment, and probably not for the sensitive of skin. But for when I’m feeling particularly congested or grimy, there’s truly nothing better.


Featured images courtesy of Goldfaden MD

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