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I was sitting by the fire one Christmas morning with my cousin, patiently waiting for my nail polish to dry so I could get ready for Christmas eve and a night of celebration, when my grandmother walked in with the most astonishing news ever.”Did you know you that if you dipped your freshly painted nails into ice cold water, your nail polish would dry right away?” she said.

Since this revelation, I started writing down little tricks I’d never heard of before over the past year and decided it was time to share my knowledge with all of you fellow readers, and I honestly can’t wait to hear back what you’ve all got to say about them.

“Sleep on your back, you’ll have fewer wrinkles”

This was a tough one for me because I always sleep on my stomach, but although I couldn’t help myself but chuckle when she first told me that, it turns out this information has scientifically been proven to be true! Dermatologists even recommend picking smooth or silk pillows to make sure your skin doesn’t get irritated if you really can’t sleep on your back.

“You can use vaseline for anything”

My grandma always had a jar of vaseline with her, and apparently, it’s a common thing! I always wondered why she picked vaseline over any other creams but she always said: it’s the best medicine for dry skin, you can find it anywhere and it is one of the most affordable necessities for any women (usually under £5). I now have a pot of vaseline on my desk, as well as on my bedside table. Thanks, grandma!

“Eat fish, it will make your skin glow”

As a kid, I was never a huge fan of fish (or anything apart from pasta really) and my grandmother had a thing about telling me to eat fish all the time, but I recently found out that fish is not only good for your skin, but also for your hair! Had I known that was actually true back then, I would have definitely started adding fish to my pasta earlier!

“Add vinegar to your hair, it will make your hair grow faster!”

This I never, ever believed, and I was right to do so because it doesn’t actually make your hair grow faster but does make it stronger! If you have colored hair, it will keep that shine longer and stabilize the dye. I have personally never tried that trick, but have heard it works!

“Why do you buy eye-shadow? Just use your lipstick!”

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of eye-shadow and rarely am able to make it look good, so when I do it’s usually because I want to look really good or dressed up. So just last year as I was getting ready for my family friend’s wedding, my grandma taught me a new trick: use your beloved red lipstick as eye-shadow as well as blush! I couldn’t believe it at first, I didn’t understand how lipstick could actually blend into your skin that smoothly but to my surprise, it did! Not only does it save me a lot of money, it also gives me another option on a night out.

“This soap will remove any stains from your clothes”

Ok, I admit it this is barely a beauty tip, but one I just had to include in this post because this, what I call, magic stain remover soap has actually changed my life. See, my boyfriend can’t seem to eat without staining his clothes, particularly when he is wearing his favorite All Saints (pure white) t-shirt, and I was just tired of buying useless stain removers. This soap is actually made out of orange extract, ox gall (liquid obtained from cows mixed with alcohol) and Terre de sommiére (Montmorillonite in English, a group of minerals) and not only does it work, but it’s also under £10! It’s safe to say my grandma knew all the good bargains.

Have you got any quirky tips from your grandma? Please let us know in the comments below!


Images/Sources: Pinterest