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When it comes to beauty, it seems there’s no limit to the innovations brands can discover. But sometimes, with so much on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish between what’s actually worth buying, and what’s just pure gimmick. Some of the most ingenious beauty tools are amongst the weirdest. Today, we bring you an edit of the very best.

Baby Foot Peel

A classic in terms of “gross-out skincare,” these little socks will absolutely blow your mind. They’re essentially little bags of exfoliating acids, which you wear for half an hour then rinse off. Over the next few days, your feet will shed their skin like a snake. If you’ve been hiding in socks all winter, and want to get your feet summer ready, there’s nothing more effective (and creepily fun).


Pimple patches have truly taken over the skincare world, but these are a twist on the classic. Rather than simply sucking out impurities, they’re made with dissolvable micro needles. This means they penetrate the skin deeper, and infuse a blemish with calming and healing ingredients. If you’ve got a deep, painful spot brewing, one of these will nip it in the bud.

Foreo UFO

Foreo are well known for product innovations, and their UFO tool is truly incredible. If you love sheet masking, you’ll love this product. You use the device over the top of your mask of choice to maximise efficacy. It uses a variety of heats, pulsations, and LED lights to deliver a range of benefits, from acne zapping to collagen boosting. It’s super futuristic and fun to use, too.

Primark Microfibre Cloth

On the other end of the price spectrum are these absolute game changers. If you use a flannel to remove your makeup, I beg you to reconsider. Although they look more like dusters for the home, they are absolutely incredible at cleansing your chops. You can use them with warm water to remove makeup, but I like to combine with my cleanser of choice for a supercharged clean.

Tweezerman No Slip Blackhead Remover

I know, I know – picking is bad. But sometimes, you just can’t resist, and for those times, it’s vastly preferable to use a sanitary and gentle tool rather than dirty, clumsy fingers. This one by Tweezerman is the best on the market. First steam the area with a hot cloth, then gently press over the pore and watch all manner of debris come out. If you have picking tendencies, it’s a good idea to implement a three-and-done rule: if you try three times and get no results, the blackhead isn’t ready and must be left alone to avoid damaging the skin.

Tarte Little Lash Helper

For the clumsy among us, this tool from Tarte is a real life saver. It allows you to properly bind fake lashes to your real ones, for a more natural looking (and secure feeling) flutter. I literally cannot be without it.

Molly Cosmetics Silisponge

A couple of years ago, the silicone beauty sponge was hailed as the best way to make your foundation go further. While I’ve never enjoyed it for makeup application, a silicone sponge is an excellent way to get a sanitary and non-wasteful application of your skincare – plus gives you fun futuristic vibes.

Beauty Spoon

For those wanting to get the most bang for their buck, these little spatulas are absolutely ingenious. When a product seems empty, you can use these cute little scoopers to extend its lifespan. You’d seriously be amazed by how much product is stuck at the bottom of your favourite makeup and skincare items.

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