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Finding your signature scent is something many of us hope to do. And while I personally think there are too many incredible perfumes out there for anyone to stick to just one, there is something enticing about having a fragrance that’s uniquely yours.

My favourite way to ensure I smell unique? Layering different fragrances at once. It’s indulgent, sure – but it’s also a super fun way to get creative with your scent. But layering fragrance can also quickly descend into a pungent disaster. Here are my tips for getting it right.

My view is that there are two basic fragrances vibes, fresh or sweet. Some scents tend more towards a sour, citrusy, woodsy aroma, while others are more vanilla-y or generally gourmand. When layering fragrance, I think it’s important to choose one route and stick with it, as mixing sour and sweet can lead to an overwhelming scent experience.

The other useful tip is to stick to one more powerful base fragrance, then go for something lighter and less intense over top. This can be the one you carry with you by day if you need a top-up, and will ensure you never feel too doused in perfume.

Some of my favourite base fragrances of late? On the “fresh” front, it has to be Cartier Carat (a sparkly floral fusion), Tocca Colette (a woodsy juniper blend) and Giulietta (green apples and tulips), Clean’s Sel Santal (a sour sandalwood) and Sueded Oud (a fresh oud) and Kat Von D’s Saint (a juicy fruit salad). Starting with any of these on your pulse points gives you a delicious refreshing daytime aroma.

On the heavier, sweeter, more night-time front, I also have some top new discoveries.  Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie (a neroli and orange blossom), Abercrombie & Fitch Authentic (a sweet take on musk), Olo Rose & Cedar (does what it says on the tin), Maison Margiela Whispers in the Library (vanilla mixed with old musty pages – far nicer than it sounds), Diptyque Eau des Sens (a soft orange blossom) and Kat Von D Sinner (a gothic take on insense) are my current go-to’s. Any of these gives a heady, intoxicatingly inviting vibe that’ll have others breathing in deeply.

Atop these delightful base fragrances, I’ve got a few “lighter” options which I tend to keep in my bag for top-ups. Having a lighter fragrance along the same lines as your base layer allows for far easier fragrance layering. Among my top choices for this are the Lush Body Sprays. These are simple but effective blends that enhance more complex scents beneath. Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree brings out the fresher notes of any of your sourer perfumes, while Vanillary is a perfect top up to any sweeter gourmand scent. Rose Jam gets an honorable mention for basically going well with everything, thanks to the fresher rose and the sweeter fruit.

My final tip for layering fragrance are the Clarins Eau’s. These lighter scents also claim to have aromatherapeutic benefits, and are unobtrusive enough to pair with a stronger scent for a more unique finish. Eau Ressourçante is a light aquatic which literally goes with everything, while Eau des Jardins is sweeter and more floral – though is still a great all-rounder in terms of layering.

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