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New Years resolutions aren’t for everyone – and this year in particular we believe in conquering a few things that don’t necessarily need to be jotted down on a resolutions list. One of these is finding balance. Between the work place and your private life, many of us have suffered pressure to aim for higher and better, as well as simultaneously managing or maintaining a pitch-perfect personal entity. But what if it isn’t both, or not even one or the other?

Long story short, that’s what we’ll be aiming for this new year 2018: living in-between the good and the bad, and trying as much as we can to do our best WITHOUT overwhelming ourselves with trying to do it all. Although if this past year is any proof, it’s that women can do it all – but what if you simply don’t want to? Or what if you have good and bad days (God forbid)? On the good days we might want to do not all, but even more! And on bad days, we might like to keep it to a minimum, without stressing ourselves to overdo it.

Because unfortunately, as much as we all hope to find a balance between our jobs and private/family life, we all have ambitions and goals. And without some push here and there, it’s tough to achieve it all by just motivating yourselves as soon as the first cup of joe hits your brain. We as humans truly enjoy throwing ourselves into challenges and adventures, as well as proving others wrong by demonstrating your skills. It’s what makes us human – but where and how are you able to measure or evaluate your success?

Hence, our new concept of new year’s resolutions here at TWC. Enough with the bullet points and the lists – we want to take things more lightly this year, we want to savor the moments (the good and the bad), and most importantly, we yearn to live in the moment. Whether that moment is trying to shuffle multiple tasks at work, or struggling to get the kids to school in the morning, including breakfast and lunch prep, as well as finding some down time with your S.O.

To conclude, we all know how those ordinary and quintessential resolutions tend to sound, and how they all make us feel the moment we look back at them come July/August. “So tell me, did you end up changing this and that, and did you finally take that trip you’ve had on your resolutions list?”…These are far too common and prevalent questions we’ve let others ask us over the past years. Therefore, we’re calling 2018 the year of change. Instead, we recommend making mini versions of resolutions – think a month without alcohol, trying to read one book per week, spending the weekend doing absolutely nothing, switching off all electronics an hour before you go to bed, or finally making promises a reality, by visiting an old friend from high school.

Whatever you choose to do, try to remove the pressure you’ve set upon yourself and think about all the good things that happened to you in the past year, as opposed to putting so much emphasis on the bad, or non-accomplished things. And most importantly, think about re-setting your mind and focusing on your priorities. This alone should give you a sound and pleasing head-start to 2018.

We’re so curious though – what are you looking forward to in the new year? Meet us in the comments section and tell us!


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