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Being a beauty product enthusiast is, let’s face it, great fun. Not only do we get to constantly anticipate exciting new launches, but we get to collect every glittery eyeshadow on the market, and have a dressing table which looks similar to a Boots store. But there is a flip side to every pleasure, and when it comes to beauty, feeling guilty about our planetary impact can really take the shine off your new favourite lip gloss. But there are ways to enjoy beauty products while not wreaking such havoc on mother earth. Here are our top waste reduction tips.

Spray, delay, and walk away

If you use a toner, it’s a really good idea to go for a product which comes in a spray bottle. You can then apply in a mist to your face, without having to use any cotton wool. Cotton is one of the least sustainable plants on earth, and cutting back on two pads per day will make a huge difference to your environmental impact overall. And if your favourite formula doesn’t come in a spray bottle, you can always purchase a reusable one and decant.

Ban wipes

Wipes are the enemy. Remember that fatberg? The plastic content in makeup removing and facial wipes bind together all manner of grime and cause huge issues for our plumbing system. On top of that, it means they can take a super long time to break down after use. Buy yourself a nice pack of microfibre cloths (Primark do great ones) and use them plus warm water or cleanser to remove your makeup. You’re not “too tired” to walk to the sink, I promise.

Mix and match

If you see a trendy new eyeshadow or lipstick shade that you want a piece of, don’t immediately consider rushing out to purchase. If you already have a pretty substantial makeup collection (guilty) in all likelihood, you have the colour palette to create almost any shade. Try mixing products you already have before assuming you need to consume yet more makeup items.

One in one out

If you’re finding you have an issue with over-consuming (buying more beauty products than you can use) try to opt for a stricter policy. If you only purchase a new thing when you finish something else, it’ll not only stop your collection expanding exponentially, but it’ll also be a great impetus to actually start finishing your beauty products!

Shop in store

Online shopping is the funnest, I’ll admit. But when you consider the extra packaging needed to ship, plus the carbon used to transport your product from shipping facility to your front door, it starts to seem a little bit crazy, too. If you need a stock up, how about waiting until you’re in store and picking it up then?

Get to the finish

Many of us end up tossing away half-finished beauty products purely as a result of poorly designed packaging. You can invest in a little set of mini beauty spatulas online, and you’ll be amazed at how much perfectly good product you’ve been throwing away. The biggest offenders are anything which comes in a pump bottle – so it’s usually pricier items, like foundations or serums. Saving money while saving the planet? Now that’s some eco-warriorism we can get on board with!

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