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If ever a drug had had a glow up, it surely must be old Mary Jane. Once upon a time it was the reserve of loners, criminals and artiste types, it’s now socially acceptable almost across the board. Except in the UK, where I live.

But the smell of weed is still legal – at least for now. Which got me thinking, as most things do, about beauty products. More precisely, about beauty products designed to have that earthy, pungent, dirty aroma inspired by the cannabis flower. Perfumes, body butters and even home scents are created in weed’s image. My question is: what happens if you use them?

The products in question are: Demeter’s Cannabis Flower perfume, the Body Shop’s Hemp Body Butter, and Boy Smells’ Kush Candle.

Demeter’s Cannabis Flower is described as “slightly floral, slightly spicy, but unmistakably Cannabis, this fragrance has a deep and penetrating beauty.” Interestingly, or at least it is if you’re a beauty nerd like me, this was the first “cannabis” based smell on the market – so fans of fancier fragrances like Fresh’s Cannabis Santal and Malin & Goetz’s Cannabis Perfume Oil have Demeter to thank.

On me, this doesn’t smell overtly weed-y, but it is unusual. It smells fresh, slightly sour, appropriately “green,” and with an earthy, slightly dirty base note. I think it’s pretty gorgeous, to be honest. Like all Demeter fragrances, the sillage and longevity is average, but the price point is not to be argued with.

Curious as to whether it was truly cannabis-y enough, I scent-tested it on a friend. I told him it was supposed to smell of something, but the something proved elusive to him. Nonetheless, when I told him the name he agreed they “almost had it, but not quite.” And for someone who universally hates the smell of literally every perfume, he seemed to quite like this one. Take that for what you will.

I’ve worn it about a few times, and never received any overt weed-based comments. If I ask people how I smell, they usually say “nice” and if I press them on what exactly they think they’re smelling, I usually get a “dunno.” My verdict: safe for the public.

Onto the Hemp Body Butter. This is designed not solely to harness to olfactory experience of weed, but the healing and hydrating power of hemp oil.

Let me just say, first off, that the scent of this is not nearly as pleasant as the Demeter Perfume. It’s a slightly sour-milk-y, armpit-y vibe, combined with a hint of wet paint – which sounds totally disgusting, but it’s faint and doesn’t linger too long. Also, not to be a total square, but it is perhaps a more accurate representation of the weed smell experience.

Anyway, the point of this product is to moisturise where other, lighter products have failed – and it certainly delivers. One use got rid of my reptilian looking calves, and repeated use has led to overall softer, smoother and … glowier body skin. Which, in winter in Manchester, is no mean feat.

Finally, for those fearful of taking their weed scent into the wider world, I suggest keeping it behind closed doors with the Boy Smells candle in Kush. Not only does it come in the most eminently instagrammable jar you’ve ever seen (and I know these things shouldn’t matter, but they do) but what’s inside is also pretty great. It has that similar, sour green note to the Demeter, but with a stronger aroma and more subtle nuances. FYI, the other notes are suede, white tulip, amber and musk, which make the weed-y scent seem deliberate and purposeful. It burns nicely, fills the room, lasts a long time (could literally be a description of a joint), but as for any suspicious glances from my flatmate – none. No one appreciates the smell of weed anymore.


Images: Urbam Outfitters

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