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When it comes to healthy hair, the best advice always seems to be to leave it alone. But when you hair is damaged, dry, prone to frizzing or just generally awkward, this can be easier said than done. But, as with all beauty ailments, there are products for that. Here is my selection of the very best “leave in” hair treatments, to help style and look after your precious locks.

Let’s start with somewhat of a cheat – the Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner. Technically, you don’t leave these in, but washing your hair with them gives you the strongest possible foundation for other products, Olaplex is a line designed to repair structural damage to the hair follicle, and after a wash with these two excellent products, you’ll notice your wet hair feels almost … cured? Over time, the effect builds up even more for maximum hair health.

Ok, on to the good stuff. The It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Product, while a total pain to get hold of in the UK, is amazing stuff. I’m always sceptical of any claims of a “miracle” – but this product really delivers. Spritz through damp hair and marvel at its detangling and smoothing prowess. It also helps hair to dry in formation, rather than in a large, wild mess.

If you have hair that can get weighed down by products, or minimal hair damage (lucky you), I’d instead recommend the Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner. It’s a lighter weight formula, feeling almost like water, but gives hair a drink of moisture which allows it to feel softer and shinier. A great budget alternative I’ve been impressed with recently is the Kristen Ess Leave In Conditioner. It’s similarly lightweight and thin in texture, and has a lovely, sandalwood-y scent.

To give hair the utmost in shine and vibrancy, I point you toward the Davines Minu Hair Serum. This isn’t what I’d usually think of as a serum – instead, it’s a spray designed to nourish and illuminate (particularly dyed) hair. Like every Davines product, it smells amazing, and has packaging to die for, too.

For hair which is super damaged and coarse, and oil can be a godsend. Fur Oil is one I’ve had surprising luck with in my (head) hair. I take a tiny bit, perhaps two drops, and apply right to the ends of my hair, to help protect against split ends and minimise frizz. It’s also suitable for use on armpits, legs and pubes, if that’s your jam.

To help my hair form shapely (rather than frizzy) waves, I love the Davines Salt Spray. It’s one of the only salt sprays I’ve tried which doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy and crisp. It also has a light, vanilla-y fragrance which is quite delicious. A budget alternative is the John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray, which again offers nourishment alongside texture, plus smells like sun cream in the best way.

Once your hair is a dry, a great way to give it heat-free style is a texture spray. The Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is the gold standard, but also costs about a million pounds. If you’re balling on a budget, go for the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturizing Spray, which is almost as good. Spray around the crown of your head, then fluff up, for perfect “model off duty” vibes.

Finally, for anyone with hair that likes to randomly misbehave, a smoothing serum is paramount. A recent favourite of mine has been the IGK Crybaby Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum. I take a pump between my hands then smooth over the outer parts of my hair, to stick down any flyaways and add a healthy sheen.

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