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 When it comes to this time of year, life can really do with a bit of cheering up. Christmas is a distant memory, summer seems still just out of reach, and everything is just looking a little grey. And while I can’t advise you on any actual mood improvers, one thing I can always rely on to add a bit of joy to a day is beauty products. Here is how to add a touch of glamour to the everyday.

If you want to turn your home into an alcove of sensory pleasure, subbing out generic air freshener for a Diptyque Room Spray will up the fabulous factor by about a thousand. Even just the sight of the bottle on the side is enough to elicit joy. And the scents! They’re genuinely like applying perfume to your surroundings. My top pick is Amber, which is warm, woody and slightly sweet – plus, it’s super potent and longlasting.

On the bathroom side of things, there are few beauty products more cheering than Aesop’s Post Poo Drops. Simply add a few drops from the pipette into your toilet to eliminate odour and add a clean, citrusy vibe. And we’ll say no more on that topic.

When out and about, subbing a hand gel for the Byredo Rinse Free Hand Wash is one of the chicest upgrades possible. Instead of an overpowering smell of alcohol which stings your hands and burns your eyes, this gently cleanses and has three layers of fragrance notes. Suede, a fresh floral, is my favourite. And again, that packaging.

To up your hand cream game, in my opinion there are two standouts. The first is Natura Bissé’s Diamond Extreme Hand Cream is basically a high end face treatment for your hands, which not only adds hydration but minimises signs of premature aging like winkles and darker spots. And the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Hand And Nail Treatment almost acts as a serum and oil hybrid which truly penetrates and nourishes overnight, while smelling like a spa.

Turning laundry into a glamourous task is no mean feat, but The Laundress have managed it through their Le Labo collab. Their Santal 33 Detergent combines the power of cleaning with one of the most iconic scents of the past few years is quite simply ingenious. This item is a little pricey for everyday use, so my recommendation is to save it for your bedsheets. Not only does it totally stink out your laundry room in the best way, but you get to spend your nights enveloped in a cloud of Santal.

A final way to up the glamour factor of your sleep experience? A silk pillowcase, duh! They’re actually dermatologically proven to boost hydration and minimise wrinkles, and they’re really great for your hair, too. The Jasmine Silk Pillowcase is my current one of choice. The added bonus is that you’ll totally feel like a delicate princess, which, as we all know, is totally glamorous.


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