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For a while, when one though of natural beauty products, the immediate associations were weak, ineffective products for hippies. But of late, natural beauty has started a meteoric rise in the ranks. No longer does natural skincare mean clumsy formulas, weird smells and lack of results – nor natural makeup mean weak pigment and next-to-no lasting power. Natural beauty can hold its own in a world of scarily named chemicals and two-page ingredients lists. These are ranges that aren’t just “good for all-natural,” but actually, simply good.

When it comes to all natural skincare, there are ranges to suit everyone – all price ranges and skin types are catered for. One of my favourites is Juice Beauty, a line based on natural fruit and vegetable juices. Their Blemish Clearing Cleanser is gentle yet effective, and their Oil Free Moisturiser is perfect for those who want hydration but fear pore-clogging. The star of their show, though, is their Green Apple Peel, which is perfect for those craving exfoliation but wanting something natural. The fresh, sour scent doesn’t hurt, either.

Weleda is another great natural choice. Their Skin Food is the most luxurious feeling moisturiser in its price range, with a sweet orange and marzipan fragrance. Their Refining Toner is a great natural astringent for large and cloggy pores, while their Gentle Cleansing Milk is a product I can’t really imagine anybody not liking.

If you want to go luxe yet still green, I’d go for Kypris or Odacité. Kyrpis have super pricey but stunningly gorgeous facial oils (1000 Roses is super soothing, and adds visible plump and glow) and a wonderful clarifying mask (their Deep Forest Clay). Odacité’s standout product, for me, is their Black Cumin + Cajeput Serum Concentrate, which can be added into any serum, moisturiser and facial oil to clarify and detoxify, or used as a targeted spot treatment.

Hair-wise, my standout brands are Davines and John Masters Organics. Davines do a range of perfect conditioners (Love is great for hair prone to frizz, while NouNou is, dare I say the most hydrating conditioner on the market) and their OI Oil is one of the best. John Masters’ Sea Mist is their standout – a texture and bounce giving spray which also adds hydration and smells like lavender.

In terms of makeup, Burt’s Bees is a great (and reasonably priced) choice. Their Satin Lipstick’s are smooth and creamy, yet pigmented and long lasting – Tulip is a really unusual nude-purple shade. Their Nourishing Eyeliner Pencils are perfect for those who want some extra definition but get the heebie jeebies about putting chemicals near their eyeballs. And the Mattifying Powder Foundation is one of the only powders in my arsenal – it offers minimal coverage, a natural finish and tonnes of lasting power.

Vapour are another intriguing natural brand. Their website lists their products as alternatives for your favourite non-green beauty products – but they’re also worthy products in their own right. The Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation offers coverage without cake, basically blurring imperfections away. The Halo Illuminator is a stick highlight which walks the fine line between natural and noticeable, melting into skin and leaving behind a natural yet beaming glow. They also carry a Solid Perfume, which is not only exceptionally handy for travel, but smells gorgeously herbal.

Speaking of perfume, I must mention Clean. They’re a totally green fragrance house, from their oils to the bottle caps, which is cool enough, but they also make absolutely fantastic fragrances. I love Sueded Oud, which is a musky and sweet yet fresh scent, and Reserve Rain, which somehow manages to capture the ephemeral fragrance of water falling out of the sky.


Images: Juice Beauty

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