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When it comes to the biggest party night of the year, an important decision must be made. Do you go out, and risk the cold, the queues, the overpriced drinks? Or do you choose to give in, to the inevitable rubbish TV, to the comfort of a sofa, to the treating is as “just another night”?

Make no mistake, both are admirable choices, and there’s plenty to recommend either. I’m not here to judge your choices. All I’m here to do is recommend some products to make either your night out or night in go with a swing.

Staying In

If staying in is your aim, comfort is your game. You want products with beautiful scents, soft textures and nice packaging. Here’s where to start: a Byredo candle. I know they’re kind of ridiculous, but I’m pretty sure they’re the best scented candles I’ve tried (*whispers* even better than Diptyque, don’t tell anyone). Also, the black wax and glass packaging makes for an undeniably wintery feel. Go for Burning Rose for a smoky floral experience or Bibliotheque for musty leather and ripe fruits. Both will lend your home the atmosphere of a chic salon, and set the scene for all the luxurious things to come.

Staying in while wearing makeup is sick and wrong, so get that off and let’s start some skincare. Cleanse with something oily and lavish, like the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm. And what night in would be complete without a face mask (or three). Start with something exfoliating like the Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial – creepy name, great product. Then something made of clay – I’ve recently been loving the cheap and cheerful Queen Helene Mud Pack, which delivers much of what pricier clays do for around £3. Finally, something moisturizing. The Aveda Intense Hydrating Mask is great – a thick, rose scented gel which slowly melts into the face, plumping and smoothing. If you want an extra hydration hit, put a few drops of oil underneath it. Trilogy’s Rosehip is an old favourite. You know what they say: “new year, new face.”

My final recommendation is wine. Pick whichever you like here – I don’t tell you what to do (much).

Going Out

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks the best thing about going out on New Year’s Eve is all the extravagant makeup you can apply. No other night a year is glitter so freely acceptable in public – grasp this opportunity with both hands.

First, though, as with all things in life, you want to start with a great base. Great, though, need not mean full overage and makeuppy, unless that’s what you like. In which case I say, fair play. I, however, prefer to look sheeny shiny, and a foundation that’s ideal for this is the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation. Sure, it’s pricey, and sure, the colour system is needlessly confusing, but it really is great. It adds enough coverage while still looking like you’re pretty much bare faced. But so, so, glowy.

As for glitter, I have three recommendations for you. The first is the Fenty Galaxy Palette, which offers fourteen shades of pressed glitter shadow in an array of festive colours. Apply over a sticky primer to get maximum pigment and longevity. My second recommendation is the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Shadows. I’ve loved them since the first time I saw them, but their newer shades In A Firenze and Next To Notte (a fiery red and regal purple) are particularly festive. They’re the least labour-intensive glitters out there – dab on, tap with finger and … done. A newer favourite are the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pots. Less glittery, more a full metallic sheen, these are also high scorers on the effort to impact scale. I’m sensing a theme.

A final going out essential is a setting spray. I recently tried the Skindinavia offering, after hearing that they basically make all the Urban Decay ones. And I can confirm, it really works. My makeup was still on at seven the next morning – and that’s a true Christmas miracle.


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