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There’s no denying my love for skincare products. Honestly, the more I can use, the happier I am. But there is also something to be said for cutting back. Not only is it a saver of $$$, but you can find things that are truly effective – think all function, no filler. Here are the best skincare items which aren’t actually skincare at all.

Peel Off Mask – Egg Whites

Egg whites can be painted on the face and left to dry and harden, then removed in the manner of a peel-off gommage. This, in itself, is a satisfying process. But egg whites also have a toning, tightening effect on the face, diminishing the appearance of pores and delivering a healthy dose of nourishing proteins.

Pore Strip – Charcoal Capsule And PVA Glue

Getting gunk out of nose pores is not one of beauty’s most glamorous tasks, but it is definitely a cathartic process. And you can DIY a pore strip by mixing just two ingredients – a charcoal capsule and some PVA glue. Mix the two into a paste, then paint over the nose and leave to dry. The charcoal draws out the impurities, while the PVA glue works to trap them and peel them away.

Moisturising Mask – Banana

Mashing a banana and smushing it on your face may sound like more of a prank than a beauty treatment, but the high vitamin content and natural fats in a banana can be a great boost of hydration for the face. Their high vitamin A content can also help fade hyperpigmentation over time.

Pimple Patch – Potato Slice

A 4.3 star rating on can’t lie – potatoes can really help with acne and scarring. Either cut a small slice and leave it on as a pimple patch, or tone using potato juice. The high concentration of vitamins, starch content and lightly exfoliating enzymes all work to fight infection whilst also nourishing the skin.

Spot Treatment – Salt

Salt has powerful oil absorbing qualities, and can help with inflammation and infection. Mixing some sea salt with enough water to form a paste can make a quick and effective spot treatment. Simply dab it onto the affected area, wait for it to dry (don’t leave it too long if you’re sensitive), then rinse to a visibly less angry zit.

Clarifying Mask – Pepto-Bismol

A treatment typically reserved for an upset stomach can actually do a great job soothing inflammation, tightening pores and brightening up dull, oily complexions. It actually contains a derivative of spot-busting salicylic acid, and leaves skin smooth and glowy.

Toner – Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a great natural option to remove dirt and oil, and because of its acidity it helps maintain a healthy skin acid mantle. It’s important to mix it with water, though – as it’ll be too strong otherwise, and likely cause more irritation than it treats.

Moisturiser – Black Cumin Seed Oil

Often praised as a super beneficial dietary supplement, I’m partial to applying this as a facial oil. It’s very strengthening and fortifying, immediately adds softness, firms, and can even help fading scars. It’s also a good option for those who fear clogged pores, as it’s very light and mildly antimicrobial.

Lip Plumper – Cinnamon

A lot of store bought lip plumpers actually contain cinnamon as an ingredient. This is because it stimulates blood vessels, producing a slightly swollen pout. Mix a small amount with a lip balm and leave for a few minutes, then wipe off and apply lipstick.

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