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In recent years, there’s been a huge uptick in how much people care about their impact on the planet. And while much of this is centred around larger social issues, the consequences of the trend for sustainability have been far reaching. So far reaching, in fact, that they’ve started to impact the beauty industry in a big way.

Back in the day, no one really cared about the social impact of their lipstick or shampoo purchase. But now, more and more, vegan and cruelty free brands are making a huge resurgence. In fact, if you want to go completely cruelty-free in terms of beauty, you’d have no problem, thanks to the huge amount of choice. But we have an edit of our very favourite vegan beauty brands to help you narrow down your purchasing choice.

Charlotte Tilbury

You may not have known that this uber-glamourous range was also socially conscious – but now you do, doesn’t it seem even more appealing. The entire range is essentially free from a dud, but there are some standouts in my eyes. Namely, the Hollywood Flawless Filter (the best natural highlight on the market), the Collagen Bath Lip Gloss (for a perfectly shining pout), and the Colour Chameleon Eye Pencils (the easiest way to do eyeshadow while on public transport).


Another perhaps surprising addition to the list, this brand offers products which pack a punch – but with no additional harm to the environment. I’m a huge fan of their Illuminating Setting Spray, their Custom Enhancer Drops (the most reflective, metallic highlight out there), and their Shimmer Veils (beautifully sheeny, sheer liquid eyeshadow for subtle glow).

Milk Makeup

An incredibly “cool” beauty range, Milk specializes in high impact formulas that are easy to apply and always leave you looking elevated from the basic. Among their best items are the unbeatably opaque Eye Pigments, their delightfully juicy Lip + Cheeks colours, and, of course, their Sunshine Skin Tint, which gives the most beautifully dewy finish.


If you’re on a tighter budget, this doesn’t mean you can’t explore some super high-quality vegan makeup, as e.l.f proves. Their range of products is no only enormous, but also offers pretty exceptional formulas at unbelievably low prices. Standouts include the Beautifully Bare Highlighting Stick, which offers a sheeny, dewy finish comparable to high-end brands, their Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser, which is a perfect makeup remover and face wash in one, and their Jelly Pop lip stains, which give the perfect popsicle-mouth vibe.


For those who want a vegan line which doesn’t sacrifice on glamour and decadence, look no further. Hourglass specialises in those makeup products that just make you feel special. Their Ambient Lighting Powders are amongst the most innovative launches in recent years (offering a makeup setter than also adds glow), which their Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel is essentially a fluffy brow in a tube.


Davines is one of those brands I just can never seem to beat. There’s nothing from their (extensive) range I haven’t liked, and the sheer amount of products mean there’s something for everyone. Beginners will love the OI range, which is suitable for all hair types and always leaves me soft and sleek. For those with extra damage, the Minu Conditioner has been a recent saviour, restoring ratty and straw-like locks to the former glory in minutes.

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