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It’s summer now. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in. After a winter which seemingly went on for approximately a year and a half, it is now sunny most of the time. I could cry.

But past are the days of a factor four oil being in any way acceptable. Safe sun is this summer’s buzzword – that’s being protected against cancer and premature skin aging and tanning the right way. So here are some tips to get your sun care right.

Slow and steady wins the race with tanning, so a high factor is your best bet. One of the best on the market is the Ultrasun Glimmer SPF 50. As the name suggests, it’s infused with a light sprinkling of shimmery particles to give your skin an ethereal glow. It’s perfect to put on legs and shoulders to give r’n’b video girl vibes.

To top up throughout the day, I adore the Vichy Ideal Soleil Hydrating Sun Protection Water SPF 30. While I wouldn’t rely on a water spray as a base layer of protection (it’s way too easy to miss bits), this is brilliant to throw in your bag and top up on the go. The water formula means it feels wonderfully refreshing and lightweight, and it even adds a hint of hydration to sun dried skin.

For the face, I’ve been loving the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL – especially their newly launched pocket sized version. It’s one of the best facial SPFs around: super lightweight, easily absorbed, non-greasy and won’t clog pores. I love this under makeup, too, as it gives a slightly tacky finish to help products last in the summer heat.

On the go, there’s nothing more convenient than an SPF powder – particularly if you’re wearing makeup. They can be dusted over the top to boost protection without adding any feeling of product. The Tarte Tarteguard Mineral Powder Sunscreen is lovely and smells like vanilla, while the Colorscience Sunforgettable Brush On Powder comes in multiple shades for all skin tones.

Post sun, nothing says summer to me like the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter. In its chunky, mint green retro tub, it smells like coconuts and beaches. It’s also nicely soothing on the skin and puts back in the hydration the sun takes out.

If you’ve been naughty and burned, the two best cures are Epicuren’s Aloe Vera Gel and the Boiron Calendula Cream. Both are satisfyingly medicinal, and deliver immediate relief from pain while helping minimise sun damage and repair the skin.

For post-sun, drier complexions, I love a sheet mask. Across the board Dr. Jart’s are some of the best, and the Ceramidin Sheet Mask is ideal at the end of a day in the sun. Packed with reparative and moisturising ingredients, it’ll help return a slightly dehydrated face to a baby’s butt in no time at all. Keep them in the fridge for an extra soothing and refreshing sensation.

Finally, for summer nights, I’ve been loving the Mario Badescu Summer Shine Body Lotion. It’s fairly hydrating, but what truly makes it brilliant is the light reflective properties. It immediately makes any skin look sun-kissed, and smells light and delicious, too.


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