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When it comes to beauty, in the past, it was often fairly regimented. Many people out there held firm beliefs about the right and the wrong ways to do things, from hair, to skincare, to makeup. But as time has gone on, there seems to have been a shift in attitude. Nowadays, there are more lax standards placed on us, and a wider definition of what it is to be beautiful. Here is a roundup of the beauty rules you should never follow.

Groom Your Brows

In the past, a perfectly manicured set of eyebrows wasn’t just the goal, but the expectation. But as time has passed, and the natural makeup boom has taken over, a fluffy, bushier brow has become more desirable. Growing out your eyebrows is now super popular – and with good reason. It gives a slightly more editorial (and adorably youthful) look to your makeup.

Focus On Eyes Or Lips

It’s true that if you want to go for a classic look, accentuating either eyes or lips is likely an easier feat. But if you want to go for something more extreme, or experimental, clashing your eye and lip makeup can offer a super cute vibe. Consider mixing warm and cool tones for a really cool contrast.

Oily Skin Should Avoid Oil

In the past, many with an oilier complexion would rely on astringent and mattifying products to keep themselves matte. Now, though, more and more of us are leaning in to our natural sheen, and applying lighter facial oils is a fantastic way to do that. By maintaining good levels of hydrating, your skin won’t over produce so much oil, meaning you get to look healthy and hydrated but never overly greasy.

Wash Your Hair Every Day

Although it can be tempting to get your hair lathered up for a squeaky-clean feeling, modern wisdom dictates that this actually isn’t the best thing for your follicles. In fact, allowing your hair to go longer in between washes keeps it as healthy as possible, plus encourages it to grow out better, if that’s your aim. And luckily for the greasy scalped among us, there are a ton of amazing dry shampoo options on the market.

More Is More

For a long time, people tended towards a very “all or nothing” attitude towards makeup – either put it all on, or don’t bother. But now, as times have changed, a more relaxed attitude has come into place. Instead of having to opt for one of everything, many are picking just their favourite products and going for a minimal (but still polished) look.

Foaming Means Cleansing

There’s a weird psychological quirk regarding face washes. Many of us think that the foamier and squeakier feeling cleansers are the ones which are truly working – but this is rarely the case. Our faces are actually pretty delicate, and more often than not will fare better with gentler treatment. Going for a cleansing milk or jelly rather than foam could be the tweak your skin needs.

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