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When the weather starts to warm and we see the sun for what feels like the firm time in months, it can also be an impetus for a clear out. Spring feels like the perfect opportunity for a fresh start – hey, if nature is having one, why not us, too? But when you’re a beauty product fanatic, it can be tricky to know where to start. Luckily, from one “collector” to another, here are my top tips on how to spring clean your beauty collection.

Get Everything Together

If you’re anything like me, products have essentially taken over your entire life. It can be difficult to clear out when you don’t even know where everything is. So firstly, gather your possessions in one place. Check bathroom cabinets, handbags, and coat pockets to ensure there are no hidden stragglers.

Implement A Time Limit

It’s too easy to save a beauty product for some mysterious future event when you’ll definitely need it. But this is essentially the first stage of hoarding, and must be nipped in the bud. Ask yourself when you last used the product – and if the answer is either, “more than six months ago,” “I can’t remember,” or (worst of all) “never,” the product has to go.

Be Ruthless

If you allow one straggler to stay, it’ll be way too easy to start to let more stay. Be honest with yourself about how much owning a certain product enhances your life. If you’d essentially forgotten you had it, or can name at least one thing that’s seriously wrong with it, let go. Moving on feels good, doesn’t it?

Think Of Others

When you love beauty products, bidding them farewell can have an oddly emotional aspect. They’re things of beauty (literally) are surely deserve to shine! If that’s the case for you, it can really help to slightly rearrange your thinking. Rather than saying “I don’t want this blush” (sad) you can instead say, “my mum would love this blush” (happy). Seeing things as potential treasures for others can make saying goodbye easier.

Clean Up

Once you’re happy with what you’re keeping, it’s time to get hygienic with it. Firstly, check use-by dates to see if the product is simply beyond help. Look out for changes in texture, colour, or scent, which could indicate a product on the turn. Then go over everything with a disinfectant wipe to ensure minimum grubbiness in your future beauty collection.

Deep Cleanse

While you’re at it, when was the last time you deep-cleansed your makeup brushes? This is the perfect opportunity. The Dr. Bronner’s bar soap is the best product I’ve found for the job.

Better Storage

Now you know exactly what beauty products you own, it might be worth considering a new storage system. Good makeup storage can lead to better makeup usage, as nothing gets hidden, forgotten, or lost. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it does need to be personal to you and your chosen products.

See Patterns

The other great thing about doing a beauty spring clean is that it can help you in your future shopping endeavours. Look at what you’re getting rid of. Is there a product you keep purchasing but never actually use? Look at what you’re keeping. What are the things you genuinely love and could do with cultivating? And, more importantly, are there any gaps in your collection? Smart shopping starts with looking at what you already have, after all!

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