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In recent years, there’s no doubt that pimple patches have taken over the world. And with good reason – in the past, spot treatments tended to over dry and potentially worsen scarring by causing more trauma to the delicate skin. Pimple patches changed all that – creating a hygienic get moisturizing healing environment for pimples to thrive in. And by thrive, we of course mean, go away.

There’s another reason I’m a big proponent of the pimple patch revolution, though. Try as I might, I’m a prolific skin picker, and no amount of “discipline” or “self-control” can help me out. What can help me out? Literally sticking something over the affected area so my fingers actually cannot get to it. Sure, I’m basically a kid – but admitting you have a problem is the first step towards getting over it.

But pimple patches are also amongst the most joyless of skincare products. From their mildly depressing, medical-looking packaging, right down to the fact they seem basically designed to look as though they don’t exist, they’re kind of hard to get excited about. Until now, that is. Because pimple patch company Starface is set to change all that, with some of the most fun and exciting patches the world has ever seen.

The idea is fairly simple. Instead of clear disks, these hydrocolloid patches are star shaped, and brightly coloured. They conceal the pimple, while also looking like a fun addition to your face. They bring joy back to pimples – and that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!

There’s another reason a colourful pimple patch is better, though. The Starface patches truly take your pimples out of sight, and out of mind. While the clear patches eventually start to look cloudy as they suck up your skin goo (making it uber tempting to have a peek below) the Starface patches conceal the hydrocolloid part underneath the colourful outer. Meaning you can only see what’s been absorbed after removal – which is both more aesthetically appealing, and minimizes the desire to “check.”

Another reason the Starface patches are so fantastic? You buy them in a super cute and massively convenient yellow container. Pimples don’t just pop up when you’re at home, so having a pack you can transport on the go is game-changing. Once you have your container, you can simply restock with the refill packs to minimize waste (and save some cash). Right now, they’re stocking a Party Pack, which, rather than the standard yellow shade, contain pink, green, and red patches, too!

Fun, effective skincare which actually makes us feel good about our pimples? We’re all in. We’re just excited to see what this brand thinks of next! Shop their products below!

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