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For a verified beauty nerd, although the shine of a new glitter palette is enticing, there’s a love which runs far deeper. Skincare is where beauty intersects with science – and that’s where true joy lies. But skincare can also be the most confusing aspect of the beauty scene. You can pretty much tell immediately if you like a makeup product – but dissecting the effects of a skincare product take much closer investigation. And with new launches, each with lofty promises of your “best skin ever” launching by the minute, staying on top of the skincare industry can feel like fighting a losing battle.

Nonetheless, if you love skincare, trying out new formulations and ingredients is an oddly pure joy. Here’s an edit of trends we’ve noticed cropping up that are well worth your time.


Even those who aren’t super up on the beauty scene will likely have heard of retinol. It’s sort of the gold standard in both anti-ageing and acne-fighting, and works by speeding up the lifecycle of a skin cell. The downside is, for many of us it’s way too harsh, and can result in peely, irritated skin. Bakuchiol is pitted as something of a natural alternative to retinol. While the effects aren’t so fast and furious, it’s also far gentler on the skin. If it sounds up your alley, bargain brand The Inkey List has a super affordable serum you can try.

Blue Tansy

Blue tansy is billed as a natural acne remedy – but unlike many on the market, it’s actually pretty intense in terms of results. One brand that has gone all-in on the ingredient is Herbivore Botanicals. Their Blue Tansy mask is amazingly brightening and smoothing while still managing to calm and reduce any active zits. But their hero blue tansy product, for me, is their Lapis Oil. Treating acne with an oil can feel counterproductive, but it’s actually exceptionally useful, and helps prevent that over-dried, peeling skin texture that’s super hard to conceal.


CBD (or cannabidiol) is a buzzword in the wellness sphere in general at the moment, promising everything from pain relief to reduced anxiety. My view is that, when not taken internally, it has little impact – but that’s not to say some CBD-inspired products aren’t most excellent. The Milk Makeup Kush Mascara, for example, is infused with CBD oil, which helps condition lashes which giving you a supremely fluttery finish. And the Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is a fantastic lightweight oil which looks super glowy and nourishing under makeup.

Microneedle Patches

The pimple patch has been around for a while now – and I find them among the most useful products in terms of shrinking and healing blemishes overnight. But recently, pimple patches have been taken to the next level, through use of dissolvable microdarts. These penetrate the skin and infuse it with anti-inflammatory ingredients to tackle even those deep and painful pimples. The Zitsticka patches are ideal when you’re in an emergency – and Dr. Jart has some for sale, too.

Herbal Supplements

Trying to cure acne from the inside out has long been a mission for beauty companies. But one recent launch has stood a head and shoulder above the rest, in my eyes. HUM Nutrition offers a range of herbal food supplements to treat a range of concerns, but their Moody Bird formulation is truly incredible. It’s designed to naturally balance hormones around that time of the month using dong quai and chaste berry. For ladies who suffer from hormonal breakouts (stubborn and notoriously nightmare-ish to treat) these could be a real game changer.

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