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It can be difficult, when one has the complexion of a Babybel, to find blushes and bronzers that don’t err into clown territory. Blush can take on an alarming magenta tone when smudged over cheeks which are ghostly pale, while bronzers can end up looking more Snooki than sunkissed. But there are products out there which are ideal to add colour to an otherwise essentially colourless face. Here is a rundown of the best blushes and bronzers for pale girls.

The best mauvey-pink flush for a snow-white cheek is Illamasqua’s Powder Blusher in Katie. It has a very slight lilac leaning, which means it gives an incredibly cute pink glow without making one look like they’re flustered or sweaty. It’s perfect for adding a sort of traditional prettiness to  look without seeming obvious. And the formula is totally stun – silky, blendable, and matte-but-not-flat.

Another great powder option is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed. It’s a more dusky, nude take on a pink, but works brilliantly to add dimension and a hint of sculpting without actually being a contour product. Swept on the bottom half of cheekbones, it gives a plump, smiley look. The formula is a little harder in the pan, meaning although the swatch is perhaps less impressive, it’s extremely user friendly and difficult to overdo.

If cream is more your vibe, the Glossier Cloud Paints are extremely hard to beat. They do have a paint-like texture – coming out as a liquid, blending seamlessly and then setting and not really moving ‘til you take them off. The best two shades for a pale complexion are undoubtedly Puff and Beam. Puff is a slightly warmer pastel pink, making is an extremely natural flush, while Beam is a creamy apricot which gives the illusion of a light, light tan.

A final blush recommendation is Milk Makeup’s Holographic Stick in Stardust. Although designed to be a highlighter, this sheer, iridescent pink shade is an ideal blusher for the ghostly among us. Because it’s not fully opaque, it gives a surprisingly natural, glowy finish and mitigates the need for additional highlighter.

Milk Makeup also do one of the only bronzers I’ve found which works for pale chicks – their Matte Bronzer in Baked. Again, the genius of this product is in its blendability and buildability. You can start small and create the most natural wash of tan, or build up for more intensity. It’s also supremely easy to use, and smells like Play-doh, which is weird but kind of nice.

The very best powder bronzer for a fair complexion, though, is the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer. Not only does it come in the very best 80’s tropical packaging you’ve ever seen, and smell like a piña colada, but it’s is the most creamy, finely milled powder I’ve ever tried. Dusted on with a fluffy brush, this can add glow and dimension to the whitest of skin tones without ever looking obvious or overly “done.” And did I mention that it smells like piña colada? Because it does.

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