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Want to hear something annoying? In an industry dominated by female purchasing power, it’s nearly impossible to find brands where women wear the pants. Even brands with women figureheads tend to fall under a wider umbrella of companies, owned by, you guessed it, a bloke. And while I try not to let who owns what deter me from finding the very best, funnest, most innovative and coolest products to try, sometimes it’s nice to try to help a sister out. If you’re looking for something along those lines, I’ve tracked down some of my very favourite women-owned beauty brands.

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is a more natural line, based around, as the name suggests, fruit and vegetable extracts. They have a few standout skincare products – I love their Blemish Clearing Cleanser for super oily days, and their Green Apple Peel for a super effective exfoliating mask. Their super dewy Steam Cellular Repair CC Cream is also well worth checking out.


Founded by a mum and two sisters, the origin story is almost as cute as the products themselves. Nudestix create products primarily in the form of, well, sticks, making them very quick and essentially fool proof to apply. Standouts for me are the All Over Face Color in Illumi-naughty (a stunning glossy highlight), Naughty N’ Spice, a suits-all dusty rose blush, and Bondi Bae, one of the best bronzers for fairer skins.


RMS is the brainchild of Rose Marie Swift, a makeup artist who got fed up of all the potentially harmful chemicals she was smearing on her face. All of the RMS products are food-grade, meaning they’re good enough to eat, although far prettier when used as makeup. Their Un-Cover Up is a truly excellent, lightweight and natural looking concealer, while their Living Luminizer is perhaps the original, and certainly one of the best, dew-effect highlighter.


Hey, guys, have you heard of Glossier? The phenomenally successful millennial-focused brands just hit a valuation of over $1 billion, and there are good reasons as to why. Their marketing is second to none, and the products stand up too. Their new Play line offers a more fun, colourful, and intensely “made-up” vibe, but with the signature Glossier cool-girl aesthetics. I’m obsessed with the Glitter Gelée in Phantasm and the Vinylic Lip in Pony, in particular.

SW Basics

If you’re into more natural skincare, but don’t want to totally blow your budget, SW Basics absolutely has your back. The products have minimal ingredients but deliver maximum efficacy. My favorites from the line are their Toner (a wonderfully simple, gentle formula), their Oil Serum, and their Hydrosols, which make sure truly special dewy finishing sprays.

Make Beauty

Something I feel very strongly about is that Make Beauty does not get enough attention. Their products are always fun and innovative, but also super high quality. One super-smart item is their Matte and Dew, which features a blurring, mattifying gel you can apply over the top of makeup, plus a stunning face gloss. I’m also a big fan of their Face Gloss and Dew Pot, for maximum sheen.

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