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The pursuit of nice hair is one of the most universal in everyone’s lives. And what exactly that looks like can vary from person to person. But one thing is true across the board: the healthier the hair, the better it tends to look.

One oft-overlooked way in which hair health can be maintained, though, is taken care of that where it all begins: the scalp. Ask anyone their scalp-care routine, and they’ll likely look at you like you’re talking another language. Aside from the occasional anti-dandruff treatment, most of us neglect our scalps, and then wonder why our hair is looking lacklustre. Well, no more. Here are the best ways to ensure a healthy scalp – and thus ensure your best hair ever.

If you tend to wear a lot of product in your hair, a clarifying shampoo is key. This will help ensure your scalp is free from build-up and get it thoroughly clean. The Davines Solu Shampoo is perfect, as it doesn’t overly dry out the hair.

For a more intense cleanse, though the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub is incredible. It feels super stimulating to the scalp, plus ensures it’s clean and purified. Another intense scalp cleanser is the Bumble & Bumble Scalp Detox. This feels more like a clay mask for the scalp, and afterwards, you’ll notice how voluminous and lightweight hair feels.

If you don’t need a deep treatment, but do want to keep your scalp whipped into shape, the Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner offer great maintenance. Alongside caring for sensitive scalps, they also ensure hair is soft, strong, and shiny.

If you find the roots of your hair to be consistently dry and damaged-feeling, treating them can be tricky, as adding too much moisture can leave hair feeling greasy and lank. The Lush Roots mask is the perfect solution, adding enough nourishment without ever causing hair to feel weighed down and dirty.

Post-wash, applying a specific scalp serum can help nourish and ensure better and healthier hair growth. The Kérastase Resistance Serum Extentioniste and the Sachajuan Control Treatment are two of my favourites. The former is more intense, so using only a little product is recommended. The latter can be slathered on the scalp – and gets extra points for its ingenious packaging.

A truly retro scalp care product is the Bumble & Bumble Hair Tonic. I adore this on damp hair, after a wash, but also to refresh between washes. If your scalp tends to feel dry and hair starts to look dull, a few spritzes of this minty-fresh liquid are the solution.

Another great way to keep your scalp in-check between washes is the Weleda Revitalizing Hair Tonic. This product works to invigorate the scalp and strengthen the root of each hair, meaning less breakage and a more voluminous appearance.

If moisture is your issue, though, specific scalp oils can be amazing. They do tend to leave hair looking a little on the Kurt Cobain side, though, so are best utilized as a nightly treatment before a morning wash. The Living Libations Scalp Tonic is delightful, and has a delicious pear-drop scent. For even more moisture, the Lush Superbalm is perfect, and the massaging motion it takes to melt this luxurious product helps stimulate the scalp even more. The Kiehl’s Magic Elixir is also excellent for a supremely nourishing overnight treatment, but be warned – it smells exactly like roast potatoes.

My final recommendation is for those who find traditional foamy shampoos irritating to their sensitive scalps. The IGK Smoke & Mirrors is a really innovative, unusual product – essentially, it’s a cleansing oil for the hair. I was sceptical at first, thinking only a conventional shampoo could give me the clean feeling I crave, but after using, I was blown away. It also reduces wash time to one single step, so ideal for those who don’t enjoy lingering in the shower.

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