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There’s something about the concept of “hacks” which is just a little bit irritating. More often than not, they require more work than whatever they’re trying to replace, and just aren’t time or cost effective. However, when you find one which works, it’s a pretty exciting feeling. Here are our top seven, no bullshit beauty hacks.

Dye Your Eyebrows With Men’s Beard Dye

Dyeing your eyebrows is nothing new – but we’ve found too many dyes just don’t get the job done. They offer a wishy-washy color and don’t last past a couple of days. A great alternative option is men’s beard dye. It’s safe for use on the face, plus you get an infinite number of applications in one pack.

Coconut Oil To Whiten Teeth

Oil-pulling sounds like a prank, but it really does work. What you do is take a small amount of coconut oil in your mouth for around twenty minutes. It helps pull all the gunk out of your mouth and gently but effectively remove any tooth stains.

Apply Moisturizer With A Foundation Brush

If your skin is feeling super dry and needs some serious attention, you can turn any basic moisturizer into a treatment. Simply apply a thicker layer using a flat foundation brush, and wear overnight. Your dry skin will suck up the product like a sponge, and in the morning you’ll be super smooth and glowy as hell.

Use A Clothes Steamer To Give Yourself A Facial

A clothes steamer is not just a lazy-girl alternative to ironing. You can also use it as a skincare gadget. Fill with water and switch on, then put a towel over your head and submerge yourself in the steam. Wait for around ten minutes, and your face will be deeply cleansed and super soft. It’ll also be ready to better absorb any product you put on top.

Combine Lip Balm With Perfume

One of the biggest annoyances in beauty is fragrance which just doesn’t last. If this is something you’re dealing with, try applying lip balm in the areas you spray perfume first. It helps the fragrance stick to your skin and gives even a cheaper scent a boost of lasting power.

Incorporate Ice Into Your Masking Routine

Using ice as a skincare product can feel a little bit “primary school sleepover.” But it can work excellently as a mask addition – particularly for sheet masking sessions. Apply your sheet mask as normal, and when you feel it start to dry, run over the top with an ice cube. Not only will this help you get an extra boost of product out of your mask, but it helps tighten the appearance of pores and feels totally amazing.

Use Home Fragrance As Perfume

Another top fragrance hack for those on a budget – see if your perfume of choice exists as a home fragrance. Byredo Bibliothèque, for example, comes in a giant home fragrance bottle for a fraction of the perfume’s price. While a home fragrance has the potential to irritate sensitive skin, you can spray it directly onto your clothing to give the same effect as the perfume.

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