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If burning candles counted as a hobby, it would go straight to the top of my non-existent hobby list. If I’m at home, you can pretty much guarantee there will be a candle flickering beside me. Not only do they give an appealingly Victorian-esque quality to a room, but they smell good in my nose. However, sniffing up vast quantities of artificial scent and paraffin wax soot is distinctly undesirable – and unnecessary! Here are my favorite options for safe ‘n’ healthy scented candles to look after your home and your innards.

Kiss The Moon’s Love Aromatherapy is a rose and frankincense soy wax candle with only natural essential oils. The wick is also 100% cotton which ensures no nasty soot getting all over your lungs. The frankincense adds a church-y spiciness to the luxurious and rich rose, and the black embossed jar is a total joy. Burn at night for either a) seduction or b) reading a book about murder alone in bed.

The Meditate candle from Wild Heart Organics is a blend of 12 essential oils all designed to stop your stupid monkey mind jabbering on and allow you to calm down. The main note is jasmine, alongside our old friends frankincense and vetiver playing back up. In spite of all the herbal, floral and woody notes, I find the scent of this slightly reminiscent of mince pies, which is a fun and unexpected twist. And again, the jar is covetable.

For a similarly zen experience, Aromatherapy Associates have their simply named Relax candle. The notes are bay and myrrh, which is yet another three wise men reference. Maybe that’s why scented candles make such great gifts! It’s definitely another evening scent, although less raw sexuality and more warm fluffy socks.

An overall brand crush of mine is Boy Smells. I’ve written about Kush before, but a new addition is June’s – a blend of bergamot, cassis, anise, coriander, daffodil and tonka. It’s named after a (probably) very cool bar in Austin, and smells like a combination of white flowers and gummy candy. And, like all Boy Smells candles, you get the beeswax and coconut wax blend for a good clean burn, alongside my favorite re-purposeable candle jar of them all (even Byredo!!). Do normal people have a ranked list of favorite  re-purposeable candle jars? Don’t answer that.

Speaking of covetable jars, may I draw your attention to PF Candle Co. These are more of a natural, hippie vibe with a tan glass mason jar ‘n’ lid. They’re 100% soy wax and come in a wide variety of scents. My top choice is Teakwood and Tobacco, which smells like my boyfriend (don’t have one), but Pinon is also a delightful, mountainside scent with a sweet vanilla base.

For something lighter and brighter, I love the Tussie Mussie candle in Elle. It’ green and herbal which also being citrusy sweet, with a relaxing yet refreshing note of lavender. And again, because Tussie Mussie don’t use artificial perfumes, the scent is natural and easy on the bod.

100 Acres only make one candle, and as you’d expect, it’s really nice. It’s inspired by the English countryside, featuring notes of lemon myrtle, lavender and rose geranium. The result is gorgeous – floral without being cloying, and fresh without notes of bathroom cleaner.

One final candle recommendation comes from Lola’s Apothecary – their Delicate Romance candle, to be exact. It has the classically romantic rose base with a spicy edge of patchouli and sandalwood. It also has a beautiful millennial pink wax and a smoky glass jar covered in doodles – just adorable.


Images: Urban Outfitters

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