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When searching for an everyday base option, I loathe to recommend foundation. I find it a little strange that some of us are expected to constantly coat our skin in a layer of pigment in order to be deemed acceptable by society. However, I’m also no stranger to feeling a little bit scruffy without at least having a little something on my face. Which is why I’m a proponent of the tinted SPF.

You should be wearing SPF every day anyway, to protect skin from harmful (and ageing) UV rays. So instead of layering an SPF with another base product, why not combine the two. You get to feel confident that you’re taking care of your skin, plus enjoy that hint of glowy tint that offers you the elusive “your skin but better.” Here are the best on the market.

I’ll start with those which offer genuine coverage. The SVR Sun Secure Tinted Mineral Sunscreen is pretty incredible at this. It almost feels like a thicker, balmier foundation. Go slow and use less than you think you need, because this one is easy to over apply. Once you get it right, though, you’ll have a perfected, hydrated finish which really lasts.

Two other base options which I’ll put in the tinted SPF category are the Dr. Jart Premium BB Cream and the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. Both offer a surprisingly high SPF (45 and 48, respectively) and give a medium, easily blendable coverage that can be smushed on with fingers.

Similar to the two above, but with a more matte, foundation-y feel is the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover. “Inspired by” the infamous It Cosmetics CC Cream, this option is going to be far better for those with oily or acne prone skin. Its feels lightweight, but offers a medium, satiny coverage – and a whopping SPF of 50. My only gripe is that I find this harder to blend with fingers (my preferred daily base tool) meaning it can feel like a little bit more effort.

For those who tend towards the sensitized, red, or irritated skin type, the Dr. Jart Cicapair Colour Correcting Treatment will be a total godsend. I’ve spoken about this before, but it’s a pretty incredible formula – basically a shade adjusting tinted moisturizer that actually offers a fair bit of coverage. The SPF is a little lower (25) but should be fine to get you through an average, mostly-indoors day.

If you enjoy a shade adjusting moment but don’t want as much coverage the Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Tinted Moisturizer SPF 40 is really a beaut. It gives skin a smooth, glowy, almost shiny finish – the closest look I’ve ever got to “glass skin.” It’s a nice high SPF, and absolutely foolproof to apply and blend, too.

If hydration is your aim, though, the Clinique Moisture Surge Sheer Tint Hydrator SPF 25 will be your BFF. This has a lightweight, gel-like consistency that feels like a cool drink of water for your face. It sinks in beautifully and looks almost imperceptible, but gives glow and hydration that’ll be visible throughout the day.

My final rec is perhaps the product which started it all – the Dr. Dennis Gross Instant Radiance SPF 40. What I find most innovative about this product is the fact it works on basically every skin type. It has a light, almost whipped consistency that blends in literal seconds, and walks the perfect line of radiant but not overly sheeny. It also smells amazing (like fancy tea) which never goes amiss, either.

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