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In many respects, we’re living in pretty terrible times. But in terms of makeup, boy, oh boy, what a time to be alive. For beauty product lovers, we’ve never had it so good. There’s such an abundance of truly excellent and exciting products to try – and nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of lipstick.

You can buy pretty excellent lip products almost anywhere nowadays – so much so, that there’s barely even a challenge. But what’s even more exciting? The crazy innovations across the lip product sphere. Science is truly serving makeup lovers well, with some truly weird and wonderful formulas. Here’s a round up of the best.

A new and fabulous launch is the Too Faced Peach Puff Diffused Matte Lip Colour. These are kind of hard to describe – they’re thin and lightweight like a lip stain, but velvety and soft like a matte lipstick. They last amazingly well, and are particularly excellent for getting diffused, just-been-making-out lips. The shade Day Drinking, a mauve-nude, is a personal favourite.

Similar in concept are the Buxom Pillowpout Plumping Lip Powders. I take slight issues with the name of these – they’re not really powders, nor do they actually plump. What they are, are barely-there feeling matte lipsticks, which make lips look poutier and fuller by blurring out their edges. Still, definitely worth looking into if you like a soft, statement lip.

Another hard-to-categorise product is the Lancôme L’Absolu Lacquer. These are somewhere right down the middle of lipstick, lip stain and lip gloss – and I love them. You apply, and the colour seems to take a minute to achieve opacity. Once they’re one, they’re among the most flattering lip products I’ve found, smoothing fine lines, evening out the colour, and giving a hydrated, sheeny look.

Strangely similar are the Glossier Play Vinylic Lips. These are surprisingly unique for a product you may think of as simply a shiny lipstick. For one thing, the formula is incredibly thin and non-sticky. The trick to getting them to look the best is that less is more – and the precise applicator allows you to apply like a pro.

One of the very weirdest lip products on the market is the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint. You paint on a thick layer of this, then leave it to dry. Once it feels set, you peel off the excess, leaving a soft flush of colour. It looks nice, for sure – but whether it’s worth the extra effort? Up for debate.

A super easy, yet delightfully odd, lip product is the cult classic Lipstick Queen Frog Prince. Essentially, this is a sheer, pink, balmy lipstick – the twist is, it looks bright green in the bullet. It’s a tried and true method of starting conversations when whipped out in public, but looks super pretty on every complexion.

For a more statement lip look, though, glitter is always a great option. The Stila Glitterati Top Coat is unlike other glittery lip products I’ve tried. It isn’t a goopy gloss – rather, it’s a glitter paint which dries almost immediately and sets in place. If you want a long lasting, super shiny vibe, look no further.

One final, special mention to the Ciaté Glitter Flip. These are some of the craziest lip products I’ve tried – and I’ve tried a lot. They paint on like a standard, slightly metallic liquid lipstick. But once they dry, if you press your lips together, they become packed pull of iridescent glitter. I have absolutely no idea how they work, but I can confirm that they totally do – and the effect is beautiful.

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