Although it’s all very exciting to celebrate the start of the new year with friends and family, make resolutions and dance all night, New Year’s Eve has got to be the most expensive night of the year. But remember, we’re all about having a fabulous time in gorgeous clothes, just on a good budget. Because as we know, we can’t afford to spend the totality our January income in one night. Even more so for us, January babies planning extravagant birthdays.

So how exactly can you make this special night a tad less expensive and still enjoyable? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for you, that include a lot of food, selfies and bubbles (what else?)

Themed Party

How about hosting a mysterious themed dinner party? If you’re not the best person to come up with themes, here are a few you could consider:

– Murder Mystery

– Great Gatsby

– Hollywood

– Masquerade

– All-white ball

– Decade Party

– Glitter

Regarding food, you can definitely ask your friends to chip in (just remember, they’ll also want to contribute towards a good night, and prepare some fun appetizers such as pigs in a blanket, cheese boards, warm quiches. Don’t forget to put the prosecco or champagne in the fridge! As for decorations, below are some great pieces you can use to brighten up your flat and make it as festive as possible! Don’t throw away your Christmas decorations either as they’ll make the place even more party-ready.


Most big cities have gorgeous fireworks at midnight, and you don’t want to miss out! So grab some plastic flutes, a nice bottle of bubbly, warm hats and gloves and head to the nicest spot in the city. If you’re in London, we recommend Winter Wonderland, Primrose Hill or the Alexandra Palace where you can find the best outdoors atmospheres and views. Bonus: they’re all free entrance/public spaces!

Small Getaways

Remember, the furthest away you get from big cities, the lower the prices will be for hotel rooms and dinners. But believe it or not, you won’t have to go that far. If you don’t want to get away for more than a few days, here are some UK destinations that we recommend:

  • Edinburgh – the Scottish city is said to be the most student budget-friendly city to celebrate New Year’s Eve in. Flights start at £40 and you’ll find plenty of free entry pubs and bars to cheer into the new year. The most popular place to be at midnight is on Princess Street!
  • Brighton – an even closer option is our favorite coastal city, only a train-ride away. Brighton truly knows how to celebrate any time of the year. A few clubs have free entry including the Funky Fish Club, and promise to provide confetti and good tunes. Just don’t forget your dancing shoes and bathing suit if you’re feeling adventurous…
  • Manchester – the northern city has some of the best parties for New Year’s Eve, and many include £10 entrance with a drink! Note that trains might get booked up early,, so make sure you plan well in advance!

Stay In

And of course, the coziest and most comfortable option is to stay in with a nice bottle of bubbly, wrapped up in a cashmere blanket, whilst watching a good Christmas movie. No one will judge, especially if you dare to start a game of Pictionary or Monopoly. Turning on the news at midnight to watch the fireworks around the world is part of one of these simple pleasures we adore – just make sure you stack up on snacks and enough champagne. Even better, why not get your best friends together for a quiet one or set a romantic table for you and your S.O.?

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Images: Hardwickhall Hotel

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