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Byredo is one of those brands I simply cannot get enough of. Whether it’s perfume, home fragrance, bougie hand sanitizer – they make it, I want it. Which can be a problem, given the somewhat higher end price tag of the brand. For those unindoctrinated in the cult of Byredo, here’s a guide to choosing your very first candle. I’ll put money on it being the first of many.


You’re wild and free. You only brush your hair when you wash it. You love being outside, and you dance like no one’s watching. You don’t like sweetness, preferring instead an earthier aroma. You also probably have naturally flawless skin.


You wear midi skirts without ever feeling like a middle aged art teacher. You’re the “mum” of your friend group, but the kind of mum who occasionally comes out with phrases like “I met Stevie Nicks once.” You always have at least four varieties of tea in your cupboard.


It goes without saying, you love to read books. You also love red wine, dark chocolate and dramatic mascara. You probably have a sexy voice. You relentlessly tease people when you first meet them, and then are incredibly kind to them forever. You wear a lot of black.

Burning Rose

You are just cool, and everyone knows it. You probably go on dates with famous people and have those Chanel grandad sandals. Your hair always looks good without you ever having to do anything with it. You have a proper job, and you actually like it.


You’re a child at heart. Your favourite food is gummy bears. You have a loud and infectious laugh. People love to hug you and they always say “your hair smells nice” afterwards.

Cotton Poplin

Your ideal home would be a windmill. You like sunlight and white linen. You also weirdly enjoy cleaning the bathroom. You wear natural deodorant and somehow never get B.O. You’ve never had one odd sock in your life.

Fleur Fantôme

You’re a mystery. No one knows your middle name, not even your parents. You can be quiet for hours, and then come out with a comment which everyone remembers. You manage to wear a lot of makeup while looking like you’re wearing barely any at all.


You enjoy picnics more than anyone else on earth. Your favourite sweet is Turkish Delight. You probably have incredibly cute freckles. You always wear a dress and never accidentally show your knickers.

Peyote Poem

You write poetry and other people actually like it. When you cook you use at least fifteen different herbs and spices. You love Kate Bush, and you probably look a bit like her, too.

Tree House

You buy second-hand furniture and do stunning DIY projects with it. You probably have a favourite type of hammer. You always have your hair in a ponytail and it never looks like you didn’t make the effort.


You have really beautiful eyes. You also have a weird hobby, like crochet or rock climbing. You’ve actually managed to curate a workable capsule wardrobe. You shop at COS and actually wear the items you’ve bought. You always have a pen.

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