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Let’s be real for a second. Of course, exercise is great, it makes us happy, gives us energy and better yet helps us towards achieving our dream body but… do we always enjoy it? Of course not! But we’re hoping these 4 steps will help you like it a little bit more. 

1 – Put your leggings on as soon as you get up and head to the gym right after breakfast.

This might sound a bit “too easy” but trust us, it works. This will not only get you in the mood to workout first thing in the morning but also make you feel guilty if you end up taking them off before going to the gym. We all know that the more you postpone your gym session, the less likely you’re going to actually go, hence why going first thing in the morning is the best idea.

This only works during the weekends, however, because there’s no way we’re getting you up at 5 am before work (although some courageous souls do successfully hit the gym before work). So, during the weekdays we find it helpful to pack your gym bag and head to the gym right after work, before going home and chilling on your couches.

2 – Set up a weekly workout schedule you MUST follow, write it down, and hang it on your wall. 

Using visual reminders is one of the best ways to gently “brainwash” yourself. Whether you decide to change your phone screensaver (let’s best honest, a photo of a kitten will not get you to the gym) or hang things on your walls, these photos/quotes will always be a gentle reminder of your dream bod but also a great technique to encourage yourself to stay active.

Another helpful trick is to follow as many fitness bloggers as possible on Instagram. Since many of us check our feed first thing in the morning, this can also be a great way to get yourself up and ready for a morning workout. The best accounts I would recommend following are @amandabisk / @kayla_itsines / @annavictoria.

3 – Book a beach holiday 

Just imagine yourself laying on a beach lounger, nice and tan with your hair getting blonder with the sunlight… Yea, that should be 100% enough to inspire yourself to be a healthier and better version of your winter self. Not one person has ever said “oh I’ll be in a bikini in a week, I’ll skip the gym and have a burger”, because, although it’s good not to be vain and focus on appearances, everyone wants to look their best in a bathing suit!

4 – Get a workout buddy and book the same classes 

It’s so easy to blow off the gym when the only person that will notice your absence is yourself, but not showing up when your friend is waiting for you is a whole different story. Choose that one friend who is always on time and very committed to their workouts because making plans with a flaky friend is not a good plan. Not only will they not mind if you don’t show up, but they also won’t be the biggest motivation.

Next time you’re out, single that one friend that lives close to you and set plans to meet up at least twice a week at the gym. But watch out, this isn’t the time to catch up with the latest gossip, so make sure you’re seriously committed and plan a catch up coffee date later in the week.


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