With Halloween celebrations finally behind us and Thanksgiving sneaking up on us in less than 3 weeks, it’s tough to avoid the subject of health, diet and candy. Everything in moderation is a smart mindset to start with, but unfortunately often difficult to stick to.

That’s why we decided that instead of dictating you on which foods to avoid, and recommending you recipes on how to cook a healthy, vegan and organic Thanksgiving dinner, we opted for a much lighter alternative, which also incorporates one of the most important health aspects of your body: your mouth and teeth.

Granting the fact that we all know candy isn’t the best food to chew on, given its sugar content and foreign ingredients most of us wouldn’t be able to even enunciate, there are a couple of other foods and liquids one should avoid. As you scroll down you’ll be surprised to discover some you thought would never make it on a list like this, or have the ability to ruin your teeth:


For cooling, not chewing. The only time it is acceptable to chew on ice chips is at the hospital post surgery, but that’s about it. Chewing on ice can lead to vulnerable teeth and damaging the enamel.

Hard candy

As all candy, the hard kind isn’t good for you either. However, the hard aspect, as observed in ice is not an ideal substance for teeth to bite on.


Are you a religious devotee to drinking water with lemon before attempting to do anything in the morning? Watch your intake or sip through a straw, as the acidic content can erode the enamel, making teeth more sensitive to decay. Not to mention mouth sores, depending on how sour your citrus fruit is.


According to the National Coffee Association, more Americans are drinking coffee than in the past four years. This is mainly due to the increase of trendy coffee shops serving different variations of coffee, including organic, bulletproof, cold brews and more. That is to say, coffee itself isn’t the problem – it’s the sugar you add to it and the dehydration it can cause. Piece of advice: do not reach for coffee after a long night out – alcohol already dehydrated your body, so reaching for a cup of coffee first thing will just add fire to the flame!

Sticky foods

Though not on top of the list, foods such as dried fruit are one of the most unfavorable foods to eat, as they leave reside inside your teeth and take longer to leave your mouth. Make sure to reach for a less-sticky snack next time you’ve got your eyes on a trail mix, and make sure to drink plenty of water post-snacking.


Reduces saliva production over time and can lead to tooth decay and oral infections like gum disease. Can also increase your risk of mouth cancer.

Pickled vegetables

Kimchi, gherkins and sauerkraut are one of the most sought after foods due to their probiotic benefits, but are you aware of their acidic content? That’s right, these foods are conserved in vinegar which is very acidic, as well as lots of sugar. The veggie side might seem very healthy, but the liquid in which they sit in, sure isn’t.

Most importantly, if you do indulge in these foods make sure to wash your mouth after and don’t forget to floss. In the meantime, and in case you’re currently running out of toothpaste or mouthwash, check out these organic and gentle mouthwashes and toothpastes our team is currently using:

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