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Let’s start by applauding all of you who still manage to squeeze in a workout during this fashion week madness – running around between shows should be considered a full-body workout in itself!

Unfortunately, most experts of the health and nutrition industry would most certainly disagree with this statement, so let’s move on. It’s Wednesday and we’re helping you decide what you should think about putting into your body, pre and post your workout. If you, like us, go to bed already mentally planning what you’re having for breakfast in the morning then you’re probably one of those people that can’t quite start a workout class without having eaten anything.

It’s not an easy task deciding what you should have, because a) you don’t want to feel bloated during your workout, b) or throw up mid-way and feel your intestines grumbling or c) feel less energetic due to the type of food you indulged in pre-workout. For those of us who prefer to eat something pre-workout, we suggest a light snack like a banana, netgreek yogurt with a couple nuts or a rice cake topped with nut butter. Save the protein shake and eggs for after your workout to fuel up on the calories you’ve burned.

If you’re worried about feeling bloated during your workout, we recommend drinking plenty of liquids in the hours before you start sweating. Start your morning with some hot water with lemon and a coffee or tea to wake up and get your digestive system running. If the liquids haven’t filled you up, have one of the above-mentioned foods, and then try to walk to your next gym or class. There’s nothing better than walking for a 10-15min to digest the foods you’ve consumed so far and get your energy going.

Important: be sure to leave 45 min between eating and workout for proper digestion.

Now onto the after workout foods, we definitely urge you to start by drinking tons of water first. Then move onto solid foods as it is crucial to nourish your body after a 45min to an hour workout. If you don’t, your body will fuel itself on your muscles you just spent an hour building, and we’re not ones to waste!

Here’s a list of meals and drinks we usually reach to and have been recommended by trainers and nutritionists, these range from light to more carb-loaded meals:

– Protein shakes (whey, almond milk, spinach, nut butter, banana)

– Avocado on toast with poached egg

Protein bars

– Green juice

– Rice cakes with banana and/or peanut butter

– Warm soup

– Sweet potatoes with salmon

– Chicken and quinoa

– Chick peas with egg whites and tomato sauce

– Hard boiled egg with spinach and hemp seeds

– Whole wheat wrap with veggies and a protein

– Handful of nuts and a fruit (easy for on the go)

– Canned fish (salmon, tuna) will give you healthy omega-3s and most importantly keep you full until your next meal.


– Pre-made shakes

– Spicy food (difficult to digest since your body just accomplished an effort and is on its way to repair, hindering digestion with hot salsa is not the best choice).

– Soda or anything with bubbles

– Protein bars with high sugar content.

Lastly, don’t forget it’s always best to cook something yourself, or prepare something beforehand to eat on the go or at your office desk.

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