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I’m not sure why, but this heat wave has been making me want to drink more orange juice for breakfast, eat one or two ice creams for lunch and have iced coffee on the go… It doesn’t sound that bad, right? That’s exactly what I thought until I realized that these three options were part of the no-go group of foods to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight.

Although many foods such as french fries, pizza, burgers, and sodas are more obvious to dodge if you’re trying to ace your bikini body for Ibiza next week, it’s still completely OK to have a little cheat meal every once in a while, but what can be very dangerous is getting used to eating that one thing on a daily basis, which you don’t realise might be giving you that extra dose of sugar you don’t particularly need.

Just remember that losing weight requires a balanced mix of nutritious foods, regulating your calories intake and being physically active, which also means that any extra temptations will definitely sabotage your waistline and make it just that much more difficult to get on the right track. Many foods can actually slow down your metabolism, making it much harder to lose weight and see the results of your hard work. So, to avoid feeling defeated, make sure you look out for this round-up of the worst foods for weight loss:


This is more or less an obvious one, but believe it or not, according to a study by Princeton University, high-fructose corn syrups (found in most sodas) can cause as much weight gain as eating regular sugar. So imagine that whenever you drink a soda, you’re actually consuming a few spoons full of sugar. The study also finds that rats who consumed other forms of sugar gained less weight than those you were fed by HFCS. What does that tell us? Definitely try and cut down (if not avoid at all costs) sugary drinks and replace them with smoothies, water or even tea!


Can you even believe this made the list? I always thought salads were a safe choice for lunch, especially when I try to be good, but now not only have I got to worry about what’s actually inside the salad, I also have to worry about what goes on top of it! But just like sodas, bottled salad dressings contain a fair amount of sugars and additives. Since I’ve been told this shocking news, I’ve found the great alternative of adding extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper with a tiny bit of garlic just as delicious!


I know, I’m sorry if I’m the bearer of bad news, and literally making you empty your fridge, but common yogurts such as your traditional strawberry or vanilla flavored ones are seriously a no-go as they contain a lot of sugar. While Greek yogurts and other protein-high yogurts can be a great protein-packed snack after a workout, beware of the ones that are loaded with sugars! If you want to add some flavor to your plain Greek yogurt,, feel free to drizzle some honey, a pinch of chia seeds, nuts or even fruits!


Most granola bars found in supermarkets or coffee shops are loaded with sugar and fat (almost as much as candy bars!). Next time you pick up a granola bar, make sure you check the label and choose one with no more than 5 grams of saturated fats, and a maximum of 15 grams of sugar. Our go-to are the Nakd granola bars (found in most supermarkets) or the Jordan Frusli. Or even better, make your own with this delicious home-made recipe.


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