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We’ve all been there, and the same scenario repeats itself ad nauseam. It’s especially the case if your to-do list is a mile long, you’re always running a few minutes late, and are poorly organized. The result is you come home at night and your fridge is empty. Which gives you two options: head out to the supermarket and buy some groceries, or order your dinner via a multitude of available food delivery services.

The problem with Option 1 is that walking into a store on an empty and grumbling stomach is not the most ideal mise en scène. In fact, it can be quite dangerous! Now, unless you’ve already been there, you might we’re exaggerating. But in fact, research provided by the National Academy of Sciences has proven that heading to the mall or grocery store without having eaten a proper meal can affect certain shopping behaviours. You will most likely be more inclined to buy more of specific items (without needing the surplus), as well as have a shorter thought-process regarding your purchasing tactic. Think reaching for the one food that’s in closest reaching range just to satisfy your hunger, as opposed to scrolling through your shopping list and simultaneously adding items to your cart which will ultimately compose a meal.

It might be misunderstood that we’re solely referring to unhealthier types of foods, but that’s not always the case. The thing with higher fat types of foods such as a sandwich and chips is that they will purely satisfy and fill you up faster than if you’d have to first pick up the produce for a healthier meal, then go home to cook it, and then eat it. Impatience plays a crucial role here, as well as instant gratification. So next time you think about rushing to the supermarket, make sure to always have a stash of small snacks at home to munch on before heading out. We recommend packets of trail mixes, as well as lightly salted pop corn and rice cakes. While still reasonably small, they will create the perfect amount of filling before diving into your shopping spree.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that not only shopping on an empty stomach might lead to unnecessary and unhealthy purchases, it will also take a huge toll on your bank account. The above mentioned proceedings led by the PNAS concluded that when tempted by things to buy, the internal message “I want food” gets pared down to simply “I want.” 

That last statement sounds not only sounds increasingly familiar, but also resonates something in us that we wish would ring bells in more people. It appears as though we’re living in a ‘want’ and ‘need’ era, in which our generation tend to confuse and misinterpret one with the other. So whilst we’re still in the early stages of 2018, we’d like to suggest a pact in which we’ll gather our efforts to purchasing more consciously, and not on a whim.

(That is, with the exception of massively reduced pairs of currently trending Western-style cowboy boots!)



Images: Entertainment Weekly

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