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Who else here has become a master baker and fitness expert since the lockdown? The only downside however, is that getting the right accessories to work out with can be tricky, and bigger workout items can be somewhat harder to get delivered to your front door. But, what if we told you that all you need are some essential props which you can buy directly on TWC?

For example, I waited about three weeks to receive a pair of dumbbells, and paying extra for next day delivery doesn’t seem to always help. Don’t get me wrong, I think postmen and women are doing a great job at the moment, but because setting up your gym in your living room isn’t an easy option, we decided to round up a list of the most *essential* accessories you may need to keep healthy and fit, whilst keeping your wallet full!

Workout equipments can seem like a massive expense, but the most daunting thing when you’re not 100% about your workout routine is how to be sure that your purchase will *truly* be worth the money! It’s easy to rely on the gym to have the best equipment but what happens when you have to workout in your home?

Luckily for you, there are plenty of affordable items that we use at TWC, to keep you both relaxed and stretched, but also to help you push your workout a little further!

The Foam Roller

A foam roller might not be the first accessory that comes to mind, but it’s important to have something at home that can help with pain relief and improve flexibility. Whilst we love the more basic shapes, there are loads of other ones to pick from and each will allow deeper engagement with different muscles groups!

The Resistance Bands

Resistance is honestly one of the best ways to tone your body, but it also happens to be one of the most affordable ways to keep fit! The reason being that you can use your own body weights whilst using those bands, and you can use them for stretching, weights, as well as yoga!

The Yoga Mat

We didn’t forget about the most essential part of your workout: the yoga mat! I have to say, I am not the expert in this area because I always feel really overwhelmed by the choice of mat there are out there, but having a nice mat is an essential accessory to have if you start working out at home more! Lucky for me the other TWC team members were able to help me out with my choice, so find the one that best fits your needs here:

The Balancing Ball

Similarly to the foam roller, working on your balance with a balancing ball is another really great way to deepen (and improve) your workouts and form! Using this ball is a great alternative to weights and dumbbells so pick your fitting weight, and get going with those abs! Another thing I enjoy doing is sitting on them whilst working from home, you will notice your abs burning after a few minutes, we promise!

What are you going to be doing this week to burn out those Easter calories? Do let us know in the comments or tag us on Instagram!

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