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Coming home after the holidays can be super tough. Between the numerous roasts, empty bottles of champagne and endless chocolate gift-boxes, it’s almost impossible to force yourself back into a healthy routine. But it’s been two weeks now, so it’s time to take back control of your lifestyle and think about getting rid of toxins. Forget about January being the Monday of the month, let’s make it fun and healthy instead.

Some would argue your January detox should last all-year-long but don’t worry we’re not those type of people. We enjoy our boozy weekends and occasional Big Macs, but have a few important events this summer (weddings and vacations) for which we’d LOVE to be fit for, so here’s a short but sweet list of easy gestures you can add to your routines!

Load your fridge up with fresh vegetables

For starters, avoid any drastic detox, as it will confuse your body and make you very unhappy. Just take it one step at a time. For example, cut down alcohol during the week and avoid eating a whole pack of crisps in one go. We also suggest adding more vegetables to your meals and even go as far as some vegetable-only meals. You’ll probably have noticed that during the holidays, we tend to indulge in red meats, so cutting those down will already make you feel lighter.

Pro tip: A great way to incorporate more vegetables in your daily routine is by hitting the Saturday and Sunday markets. That way, you can plan your weekly meals ahead and enjoy a day outside. 

Whilst it’s still SALE season, get yourself some trendy workout outfits. It will motivate you to actually go to the gym, and possibly even sign up for some classes. You might not have realized but your sneakers do get over-used over the years, and experts recommend changing your running shoes at least every two years.

Pro tip: We recommend picking leggings and tops that are one size smaller to motivate yourself if your goal is fat burn. That way, within a few weeks of hitting the gym, you’ll feel as good as new and will have lost all your extra holiday weight.  

Keep yourself busy, meet some friends and organize some fun activities

And finally, keep yourself busy outside of your working hours. Don’t sit at home and feel miserable. Go out, meet some friends and try new things! We compile monthly lists of what to do in London, so how about checking out our recommendations for January here. Expect delicious new restaurants and discover this month’s best pop-up events.

Pro tip: Plan your weekends ahead of time and book slots with your friends. That way, there’ll be no way out of it AND you won’t have to stress out about booking tables last minute. 

Images: On The Regimen

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