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Despite the global impact of mental health conditions, it still is known as one of the hardest illnesses to talk about, which is why celebrities have been coming forward to help people talk more freely about their conditions.

As you’ve already seen from a previous article we wrote a few months back, we take mental health awareness very seriously, and would love to prevent people from seeking treatment based on harmful and untrue stereotypes, which is why we want to profile 3 of the bravest celebrities that have openly talked about their issues, and helped millions of people.

See, celebrities have a responsibility to their fans and audience to become spokespeople for a lot of charities, illnesses and other social issues, and we are thankful for those who can use their personal experience as therapy for other people.

These 3 celebrities have come forward on their own will to talk about depression, anxiety, addiction and much more. It’s actually been noticed that when public figures open up about their mental health struggles, it can help break down stigma, spark important conversations and inspire people to seek treatment as well as join the cause.

Prince Harry on his whirlwind of emotions…

After his engagement, the Prince opened up to The Telegraph about his struggles with his mental health after the death of his mother, Princess Diana. It wasn’t until he was 28 that he began to see a professional doctor to open up about his grief, anxiety and complete loss of emotions.

Harry has been an amazing spokesperson on mental health. He has encouraged others to talk about their own struggles, started the Heads Together campaign with his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton. The prince has also taken up boxing as therapy, and is now finally in a good place after 33 years of struggling with mental health.

The most touching aspect of the Prince’s journey is that he claims he would not have sought council without the support and encouragement of his brother, showing the absolute need for people dealing with these issues to be surrounded by loved ones.

“The experience that I have is that once you start talking about it, you suddenly realize that actually, you’re part of quite a big club,” he told The Telegraph

Demi Lovato on her broken silence…

Two years ago, the singer produced a documentary on YouTube called Simply Complicated in which she explained her tackle with depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, and eating disorders. Demi Lovato was only 24 when the documentary was released, showing the real and sometimes unglamorous side of fame and the way her mental state has been affected by it.

It’s important to remember that Demi’s career started when she was just 16, after starring on Disney Channel’s Camp Rock alongside the Jonas Brothers, and whilst she has been honest about her problems with drugs and alcohol, the documentary was the first time she opened up about her bipolar diagnosis and her eating disorder.

Demi was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 18 and her honesty has been a gift to many people who have experienced similar struggles. Although her cycle of illnesses has been badly publicized in the media, her cycle of recurrent mental illnesses is a much more accurate reflection of the reality.

“It’s very important that we create conversations, take away the stigma, and that we stand up for ourselves if we’re dealing with the symptoms of a mental illness” Lovato told Variety in February.

Kendrick Lamar on his demons…

The Compton rapper is one of the most celebrated young rappers of our generation, and although he rose to fame at the speed of light, he has also had a number of battles with depression which he calls his innermost demons.

Similarly to other artists, Kendrick opened up through his song “u” from his 2015 album To Pimp A Butterfly. The song depicts his struggles with depression and suicidal weakness. Because of his influence with the younger generation and the growth in popularity of rap music, Kendrick’s music covering mental health issues has said to help more and more young people talk about their issues to their friends and families.

His song was even used by care provider Kaiser Permanente at the Find Your Words campaign to address the importance of finding the words to talk about depression. Another one of his songs Swimming Pools, has also been used at university talks and other mental health awareness days.

“As Kendrick Lamar’s music paints a picture of how his characters are affected by and cope with mental health issues, we believe it might help mental health practitioners and other professionals to understand the day-to-day internal and external struggles of their patients,” says Akeem Sule, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at South Essex Partnership Trust, and an Honorary Visiting Research Associate at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge.

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