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Dear London supermoms – we’re back for some more advice to help you vanquish any motherly obstacles you might need help with and this week we’re introducing healthy snacks to keep your children happy, and healthy.

If you like to bake… 

There’s nothing like a fun afternoon spent with your children cooking healthy snacks for either their friend’s birthday party, a play date or just a family afternoon. Children love to bake, even if they might lose interest quickly, it’s important to keep them in the loop so they can realize the before and after products of baking. I mean, how can flour, milk, and eggs make a simple pancake? Not only will your kids be very proud to bring the cake they baked to their school party or friend’s birthday, but you’ll also feel better knowing what your children will be eating without you there. So if you’re in the mood to cook, we strongly recommend making flapjacks, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, mixed fruits tarts or even cranberry spice rolls (delicious).

Keep in mind that these snacks can also easily fit in their lunch boxes in case they get hungry at school, and they will always be healthier and more beneficial for their energy than candy.

Oats and chocolate flapjacks

If you don’t like to bake…

If you don’t like to cook; that’s completely fine too as there are many organic snacks out there which will change your children’s lifestyle in a heartbeat. You might not understand the need for your kids to have a balanced diet, but trust me it’s necessary. For one, some children’s genes will affect the calorie intake they need, but you also need to remember that your kids are growing, and need all the necessary ingredients to become strong and fit individuals. So on the snack side, we recommend the yoyos from Bear Nibbles. Not only are they tasty and practical to carry around, they’re 100% fruits, no added sugar and form part of their 5 a day.

It’s completely alright to rely on some supermarket treats – as long as you make them homemade dinners and lunches.

If they want a naughty treat… 

Just like grown-ups, kids do sometimes need to have a naughty treat every now and then and it can also be difficult to say no when you’ve had a hard day at work, but this doesn’t mean you should give them anything they want. We strongly recommend popcorn for one, they’re a good source of fiber and have 0% fat. Another healthy option is cutting down slices of apples and dipping it into any kind of nut butter, a bowl of berries (such as blueberries, raspberries or strawberries) topped with a spoonful of greek yogurt, or a blended frozen banana (it will look just like an ice-cream!).

Apple slices with peanut butter


Images/Sources: BBC Good Food, Amazon

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