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From HIIT workouts to energetic Zumba classes, and various relaxation practices and disciplines, it’s almost impossible *not* to keep fit these days. All you need is a solid WiFi connection, willpower, and a bit of space. Whether you work out on your kitchen floor, between your couch and your TV or in your bedroom, we are definitely not here to judge and are eager to help you out in your journey to creating the ideal gym environment in the comfort of your home. We’ve tried it all here at TWC between working out in a 30 sqm flat with barely enough room to stretch, having a cute and yet attention seeking puppy that makes it harder to focus on a yoga class, as well as having a limited amount of equipment – and yet we always manage to do our daily workouts thanks to some of the best videos available online!

Each week, we will share with you the latest workout video we tried, and an affordable accessory to show you that *yes* you can get fit without going to the gym, and that fitness only has to be effective, not expensive! 

Cardio and intense HIIT workouts can be very efficient for almost instant fat burn, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll notice that it isn’t something you want or feel like doing every day. Sometimes you may not get a full hour in simply due to time constraints or just being busy and having other priorities. And for those exact moments, and for whenever you really want to sneak in a workout, our founder swears by the Melissa Wood Health method. Melissa offers low-intensity high impact flows that work on lengthening and toning every part of your body in the most gentle, yet supremely effective manner. All you really need is a yoga mat and should you have on hand, some ankle weights or a booty band, but all her flows also work perfectly on their own by only using your body weight.

We’ve been following Melissa on her Instagram and signed up to her workouts over a year ago and haven’t looked back – her method truly transforms your body and brings a sense of calm that is often much more needed than you think. Whether you only have time for a 10 min quickie or a full 50 min yoga and pilates flow, we guarantee you’ll feel reborn and full of renewed energy. These days, Melissa goes live on her Instagram with anyone from Victoria Secret models to athletes and shares her workout that so many have become addicted to! Go sign up to her workouts – you’ll be able to do them on the go, whether it’s on your laptop or through her app, and while we’re still confined to our homes, take advantage of her Instagram lives, her charisma and energy is infectious!

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The last thing I really wanted to do on this gloomy day was move my body. But…I truly believe that what we resist most days, is what we could benefit from and need the absolute most in the long run. Quieting that voice in my head is a daily work in progress. Yes, I easily could have just taken a day off and I do believe rest is an essential part of the process – especially when you’re feeling drained. But on days I squeeze in whatever movement I can (typically during Elanor’s nap), I find I am presently so much more patient with everything that’s in front of me than the days I do nothing at all. Movement makes me happy. It makes me feel good inside, which transfers on the outside with everything I do. Taking 10 minutes to run through my latest sock series (I’m filming this week for you) literally brought me back to life. #MWHmethod #longleanlines melissawoodhealth.com

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All you need for this workout are some cute leggings, top and yoga mat

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