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Whist we’re still on the topic of celebrating the new year, we’ve decided to motivate you to go back to the gym in style. Not only is working out always a bit more fun when you get to show off your cool new leggings, but there’s also something seriously motivating when you spend a bit of your money on activewear to actually go out and get moving.

Don’t get us wrong here, we love going to the gym, but these active clothes can also be a great alternative for busy days doing errands or helping a friend on moving day! Activewear has undoubtedly become a fashion staple for all of us who like to be active and enjoy combining fashion with sports. Whether you’re looking to get back that bikini body on track for Summer or simply want to upgrade your basic sports clothes, here are the top 4 new (and not so new but stylish) brands we’re swearing by.

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is one of these activewear brands that dress you beyond your gym studios. They have cozy teddy coats to make sure you don’t catch a cold after your spinning class, trendy lace leggings to help you feel good on the treadmill, and longer style sweaters for your busy shopping days. Our editor Kira is actually a big fan of that brand, and their fancy collections help her stay active at any time of the day! Our favourite items? Don’t need to ask us twice, we’re obsessed with their old pink line of hoodies and jackets…

Shop Kira’s favourite items here:

Vie Active

Vie Active is a workout brand created to empower ladies to lead a better, healthier and more active lifestyle. Their CEO, Not Res, grew up running and swimming in Australia with her father who taught her that the body only does what the mind tells it to to. Which is the reason she decided to study therapy and later created her own brand. If you are looking to combine your wellbeing with your style and daily routine, Vie Active is the brand for you! Whether you’re a runner, a yoga enthusiasts or just heading to brunch with the girls after a quick barre class, these clothing items will make you look good and comfortable all at once. Our favourite items? We’re especially found of their active and original sports bras, take your pick!

Here’s a quick sports-bra focused shopping list to add to your carts: 

Outdoor Voices

The main reason why we wanted to talk about Outdoor Voices is mainly due to their fabric technology. This brand produces the type of clothes you can properly sweat in and feel great. The interchangeable layers are ideal for the season changes and their material are not your typical nylon layer. The collections are based on 4 chore fabrics: textured, jersey, stretch and poly. The Outdoor Voices community is fun, vibrant and young with active social media channels and blog section called “The Recreationalist”Our favourite items? Their natural color palette that varies from dark grey, to black.

Are you a dog-walker? Pilates fan? Or just a busy mom? Shop our selection below:


Who said workout clothes couldn’t be fun? This LA line proves that prints can not only be chic, but also trendy for active women like us. Varley combines performance with lifestyle with technically innovative items, as well as fashion forward apparels for women. The best aspect of this brand is that it has its headquarters in both London and LA, meaning that the two lifestyle combine beautifully in their lines. Our favourite items? This unique snake print bra and legging ensemble!

Combine your inner London style elegance with LA’s active lifestyle with our items here:

Featured images via Varley

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