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Meet Lindsay – the chef behind The Toasted Pine Nut

Sure, there are many food bloggers out there, but don’t you just love it when you find one that completely fits with your eating habits and lifestyle? That’s how we felt at TWC when we discovered Lindsay’s blog, The Toasted Pine Nut. Lindsay has this rare talent to incorporate healthy ingredients into delicious and tasty meals. Because, as you know, we’re not exactly zero-calorie-cocktails and salads for lunch kinda girls, but do like to keep fit.

Although Lindsay’s recipes are on the immensely popular theme of healthy eating, we just couldn’t pinpoint what it was that made her content so different from other food blogs and diets. Until we finally got it: there are no taboo foods. It’s all about moderation and using fresh produces that include small cheat eats. This way, you can keep both your mind and body happy at all times! Want to find out more? Scroll down as we sit down with the talented mother of two below:

A: From reading your articles, we discovered that you first got into healthy eating and blogging because of your husband’s diabetes diagnosis. Could you tell us a bit more about that transition and what it did to your body and mind? 

L: Yes! My husband was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a year after we were married. It was such an unexpected diagnosis and led to a pretty significant lifestyle change. I was doing most of the cooking at the time, and although we ate pretty healthy to begin with, we had to make sure to keep our meals lower carb and low glycemic so the foods he ate didn’t spike his blood sugar. It was a hard transition learning a whole new way to cook. But, once we got the swing of it, I really love having the mind-body connection of knowing what you’re putting into your body and how you’ll feel as a result!

A: We love how your recipes are not too restricted yet healthy. As Easter is approaching, we all know how many high-calorie options are being served, so what’s your trick to keeping it relatively healthy, and what’s your go-to holiday meal? 

L: It’s can be so easy to indulge during the holidays and I think it’s so important to do just that! It’s part of life to spend time with our loved ones during the holidays, laugh, enjoy the good company, and indulge in the delicious food. It’s good for the soul! I try to strike a balance. I mindfully indulge during holiday parties and try to keep up my normal veggie packed, healthy eats in between the festivities. 

Bacon butternut squash parmesan zoodles

A: Since having children, you have no doubt passed down the healthy yet yummy attitude, what are your go-to snacks for kids?

L: My kids love to make peanut butter energy balls! They are so easy to make and I love that they’re packed with protein, so it’s a snack I feel good about. Plus, they have a blast mixing all the ingredients together and rolling them out into balls and fun shapes.

A: Staying up to date and trendy in the culinary world can be so tough nowadays, especially seeing as how popular food blogs have become. How do you keep your content different from others and what inspires you to create new recipes?

L: I think I stay up to date on culinary trends through social media! It’s such an amazing resource we have that we can see trending flavors or ingredients and see the diverse way people use them. When I find a new ingredient or food trend, I try to think of fun and innovative ways to use it. I love that everyone puts their own spin on things. Even if people are using similar ingredients that are trending, each person takes those ingredients from their own personal perspective, dietary needs, lifestyle, and flavor filter to create something uniquely their own. 

Pumpkin spice blondies

A: As you probably know, we’re a UK-based company, and we love to travel. Do you ever get inspired by international cuisine and if so, which is your favorite?

L: Yes! I LOVE to try different cuisines and taste the different flavor palette of other cultures. Although I haven’t traveled there, I love to order Thai food for takeout. The flavors are so fun and delicious, I can’t get enough of it!

A: And finally, what cooking tips would you give to overworked professionals who barely have time to make breakfast? 

L: That’s such a great question! I think prepping little snacks every Sunday to have during the week can make your life so much easier! Whether it’s energy balls or chia pudding, it makes life so much easier when you have grab and go bites that you can have for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Another tip is don’t try to do it all! Grocery stores sell pre-cut veggies and spiralized veggies that are such a time saver! If you stock your fridge with those and some protein, and you can have a tasty meal come together in under 20 minutes!

Spinach blender pancakes


Favourite chef: Deliciously Ella is someone that inspires me immensely.

Can’t live without kitchen utensil: Good knives

The go-to dish you always order in restaurants: I can never say no to short ribs if they’re on the menu!

Dream culinary destination: Thailand

If you could have dinner with 5 people, dead or alive: Oprah, Michelle Obama, Ellen, Stephen Colbert, and Erika Jayne

Butternut squash black bean sausage chili

Try Lindsay’s recipes on her website and follow her on social media here to keep up with all her delicious recipes.