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I’ve only just recently started buying more gluten-free pasta after a pleasant experience in an Italian restaurant that only served gluten free pizzas and pasta in Soho, and let me tell you: it definitely works for me! And it wasn’t until recently that I started to question myself on the reality of it all. Is pasta truly bad for you if you want to reach your dream body? And why are carbs considered such a taboo topic when it comes to health and fitness?

My friend recently sent me a few articles such as this one on Vox about scientists stating that the low-carb diet is all a lie, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I’v always tried to cut down on carbs to lose a few pounds before a beach holiday, or to look great in a special occasion dress, don’t you?

Many celebrities have said that pasta, bread and cookies are definitely the thing standing between anyone and having a perfect physique. As you already probably know, many of them have also written diet books and health tricks that don’t include any carbs. The most popular one being the Ketogenic diet which is a carb free diet that both Halle Berry and the Kardashians swear by.

The idea behind the low-carb diet however, is suggesting that cutting carbs can speed up fat loss, and therefore increase calorie burn, and many dieters and experts have found that short-term results have indeed been proven successful. But what’s interesting is that a group of researchers published a journal a few years ago after conducting some research, that didn’t find any evidence that carbs are the magic key to weight and fat loss.

The main and most well known scientific model  for cutting down on cards is known as the “carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis“, which suggest that carbs can lead to weight gain because of the mechanism of driving up insulin in the body and therefore causing the body to help store fat.

Further studies have taken place to try and find out whether or not cutting down on carbs could help people of different backgrounds, ages and body shapes by following their eating habits and journey over a long period of time, and have found no clear success in showing on whether or not it can have such an impact on someone’s body fat and health.

The real question now however that we’re all dying to find out about, is whether or not this means we can continue eating carbs as much as we please! Because before we celebrate the news with a massive bowl of pasta with a side of garlic bread, it’s important to understand that not all of these studies have been done as perfectly as scientists had wished for. For example, some got volunteers that were already on a diet and therefore already slimming down, and others conducted the research with people that didn’t eat a lot of carbs anyways.

You have to remember that any diet is about being smart about what you put inside your body. Don’t overdo it with the cabs on a day to day basis, but if you really love your daily carb intake, then make sure you balance it out with vegetables, and exercise!

Enough about pasta, we would love to know what your all-time favourite dish is for a special occasion. 

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