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We’re here to support you in the best possible way at TWC, and it’s so important we keep calm and together in these times of high stress. Today we’d like to discuss the annoying and yet human craving to snack in periods of stress, and how to best avoid consuming that may bring down your already affected morale.

It’s usually easier to fight snack cravings when you have your co-worker sitting beside you giving you judgy eyes as you swallow a Mars bar, or when you know you’re meeting some friends for dinner after a long day. The question is, how do you fill that craving when all you can do is work from home and occasionally venture to the super market?

Not only am I not a very good cook and wished I had listened to my mom when I was younger, but I also have the nightmare of living with a (not exaggerating) snack addict boyfriend which really doesn’t help my hourly desire for a biscuit with my tea or the occasional chocolate with my coffee after lunch.

Snacking is believe it or not, scientifically proven to be related to moments when humans face high stress or pressure, and depending on your own personal cravings, you may or may not be lenient to want sugar to calm down those moods.

According to Jas Cording, a health fitness and dietician, there are a few *life tricks* you can adopt to try and manage those cravings. The first is simply by getting more sleep. Making sure that you’re getting the rest you need to keep your body moving and going, sleep is definitely something that may calm down your stress levels and therefore lower your snacking needs.

Research has also shown that your mood can impact the choice of food you choose when snacking. For example, people in bad moods are most likely to pick sweet or *naughty* options whereas people in good moods tend to go for a healthier choice such as carrots and fruits. A good way to fight this, according to Jas Cording, is to try and understand what it is exactly that you like about the snack that you pick. If you like crisps because of the texture, why not replace it with popcorn? Or if you truly crave sugar, frozen blueberries or raspberries are a great alternative.

Something to keep in mind is the fact that you *may* be getting cravings because you are not eating enough during the day as a whole. I think being stuck at home can either motivate you to do healthier and more consistent lunch and dinner meals, but it can also easily go the other way if you are busy with your work, your kids and other home tasks. Make sure you have a balanced eating habit and if you do get hungry, eat something consistent such as an avocado on toast or an omelette rather than chocolate.

Finally, munching on something you have in your kitchen can also be caused by boredom and I think we can all relate to this specific point this week. We suggest to go for walks on a regular basis, move around in your home whether its whilst you’re listening to a podcast or are on the phone with a loved one and just try to keep yourself busy to avoid eating unnecessarily. I actually recently bought a puzzle and it really works to keep my mind busy!

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