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Whether you have a nasty cold, feeling down after a crazy night out or have been recently diagnosed with a worrying illness, these 10 tips will 100% help you feel better in your process of healing up, but also strengthen your immune system.

Move your body

Exercise offers many health benefits which doesn’t necessarily mean you must hit the gym. A simple walk for half an hour a day can dramatically reduce the risks of heart diseases, and many other illnesses such as diabetes and different cancers. But moving your body can also help your brain function, and fight mental health issues.

One of the biggest problems of today’s younger generation is that we neglect mobility and sit on our phones and computers for hours, which will tremendously affect your body as you get older. Not sure what exercise is best for you? Why not join a gym to find out, or make sure you spend 10-15 minutes a day stretching your whole body, and going for walks on a daily basis.

Eat a colourful plate

This one might not sound serious to you but it has been proven that filing your plate with several colours can ensure you consume a varied intake of healthy vegetables, but also boost your mood. Fruits and vegetables are filled with vitamins and antioxidants which plays a huge role in how well you age, and decreases stress, not to mention the fortification in your immune system.

We can’t stress enough how vital eating a healthy diet will contribute to your health! One of the easiest ways to shed calories if you feel you need to get your body back on track is to drink a lot of water instead of sugary drinks, and also to use an app to count your daily calorie intakes.


study from 2015 found that even a short regular meditation is an effective way to counter health issues as well as ageing. Feeling down on this cold Monday morning? Nothing a five minute meditation routine can’t fix. Not only will these few minutes fill your brain with oxygen and therefore make you feel much more at ease, it will also enable you to quietly breathe in and out and take a second for yourself.

Not entirely sure how to get yourself in the mood to meditate? Watch this 10 minute YouTube video to get you started.

Drink fluids

A hydrated body is your optimal state of health. Fluids such as water help flush our toxins, they reduce inflammation, support your metabolism, give you energy and can even help your mental state. It is essential for anyone to stay hydrated, even when feeling ill or down.

Hug someone you love

There’s absolutely nothing worst for your mental state and health than thinking you are on your own. Secluding yourself from the ones you love during low health period can not only make the situation worse for you in terms of happiness but also increase your chances for heart diseasesStudies have shown that people with extensive social networks are much less likely to have heart illnesses.

Take some vitamins

And finally, as mentioned earlier, one of the most crucial as well as simplest way to keep your body healthy and in good standing against potential sicknesses such as colds, is by taking a daily dose of vitamins. Although eating a healthy and balanced diet will give you enough vitamins to protect your body from illnesses, there is absolutely no harm in taking supplements. Vitamins have a lot of positive impact including helping your bones stay stronger, decreasing the chances of birth defects, produce energy, and overall protect your body.

Did we mention retail therapy could also help on a difficult day?

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